The season ski pass : is it really worth it ?


The season ski pass : is it really worth it ?

With the winter approaching, some are asking the question: is the season ski pass is really worth it ? For those who ski all winter in the same resort, it’s obvious. For the others, things are a bit different. Overview of the advantages and disadvantages, but also alternative solutions that exist.

The advantages of the season pass

If you have a favorite resort and a large volume of ski days, the season pass is just right. This is obviously the solution adopted by all local stations and surrounding valleys for its reduced cost and the end of waiting at the ski lifts in the morning! Note that in many ski areas, the more you buy your package early in the season, the more you get attractive discounts: by ordering before November 15 for some, December 15 for others, you save more than 100 € on the price. Find out soon enough of the deadlines for the station you are interested in. Another important advantage is that the season ticket offers you ski days in the surrounding resorts. This is for example the case at Les Arcs, whose season package offers two days of free skiing (by area) on the Espace Killy, the 3 Vallées and Saint Foy Tarentaise, or 6 days of ski “bonus”! And conversely, for those who take their package in one of its stations. Note also that some resorts offer their summer package (mountain biking, paragliding) to the holders of the winter package (in Serre Chevalier for example).

The season package is not suitable for all skiers

If you are not tuned to a particular station or do not ski every weekend or for several weeks, it’s better to think twice before taking your season pass. Indeed, we calculated that it takes for example 16 days of skiing in La Clusaz or Chamonix, and even 22 days in Val d’Isère to make your season pass in one of its resorts. Finally, a season ticket will, by definition, force you to always go to the same place and therefore be less flexible to snow conditions, or the context (friends skiing elsewhere, events, weather more lenient) …

The new alternative “ski a la carte”

Solutions now exist for those who ski often, but who like to change resorts from time to time. This is not a season pass, but rather a subscription card to a group of domains. Different resorts adhere to it, and the card offers you attractive discounts on the packages of each of them. For example, the Compagnie des Alpes launched Operation Holiski a few years ago on many major resorts: Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry, La Plagne Paradiski, Espace Killy (Tignes, Val d’Isère), Serre Knight, and the Grand Massif (Flaine, Samoens, Morillon, Les Carroz, Sixt Fer à Cheval). La Rosière, Sainte Foy and Valmorel are also partners in the operation. It works like a highway telebadge, no need to go to checkout! The card is recognized automatically when you go to the ski lifts, it saves your ski days and you pay them the following month. Annual card membership costs € 29, and discounts range from -15% on the adult day rate and up to -25% on Saturdays on some ski areas. Note that the more you ski with your card, the more you get € 1 days: the 9th, 14th, 19th and 24th days skied on the season will only be charged € 1.

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New platform for your holiday rentals:

«Customized real estate and dream stays in altitude and on the seaside»

The Manufacture Mer & Montagne, a real estate manufacturer in altitude and seaside resorts, is reinforcing its range of services and its locations with seasonal rentals and concierge services for upmarket villas and chalets.

Accompanied by personalized advice from experts, it aims at offering to passionates of these places, perfect holidays and unforgettable experiences.

A project developed indirectly by our customers

Thanks to our concierge services in Maurienne, Tarentaise and Isère, we have been listening to our customers who have stayed in the properties we manage.

We have understood that in many situations, agencies and tour operators often sell standardized and impersonal packages, without feelings. Despite attractive rates (sometimes misleading), their advice, descriptions and offers are sometimes inaccurate and incomplete.

Therefore, we decided to create a rental platform dedicated to our customers offering products to the height of their requirements, well located, accompanied by personalized service, all at competitive rates.

Our very best values in this brand new development

Simplicity and top service have always been our values. Listening to our customers, loyalty and offers at the best price are strong pillars of our Agency.

We are a small team far from the mass industrial tourism. Reactive, our team of local experts listens to its customers by phone or online chat meet their expectations in every details. We take care of our client’s projects on a case-by-case basis in order to make their dream come true in our wonderful Alpine or Atlantic resorts .

We know what we offer

We only offer upscale Chalets or Villas that we know, in places where we usually stay. Our team is therefore listening to its customers to give them the best advice and make their holidays the best they’ve ever had.

A fresh start on the mountain side

At first, with the approach of the winter season, L’Agence Mer & Montagne offers from at the start more than twenty high-end chalets for rent located in the resorts we love most with top concierge services. : Valloire, La Plagne, Les 2 Alpes, La Rosière, Alpe d’Huez and Val d’Isère.

In a second time, the mountain sector will develop with more properties, new resorts and other rentals like premium apartments.

On the sea side, l’Agence Mer & Montagne will soon be offering a selection of villas on the Brittany coast through its branches in La Baule and Quimper.


Discover Valloire in the best conditions – L’Agence Mer et Montagne


Discover Valloire in the best conditions – L’Agence Mer et Montagne

Welcome to VALLOIRE!

At the foot of the famous Galibier and Telegraph, you will discover an authentic charming Village offering all the pleasures of winter and summer activities. VALLOIRE is an authentic village, built around its baroque church of the seventeenth century.

VALLOIRE offers a decent ski area connected to Valmeinier with 150 km of slopes, + 400 snowguns and all activities of snow sports: skiing, snowboarding (snowpark), carving, telemark , 10 km of cross-country trails. Perfectly serviced and secured slopes will allow you to fully enjoy your stay whatever the ride you choose.

In VALLOIRE, after skiing, it’s still fun! Leisure facilities, services and shops offer a wide range of activities: ice rink, fitness center, bowling, ULM, snowshoeing, cinema, cultural center, library. “In Savoie with 20 minutes drive after the highway, you will love this human-sized resort that offers many events such as sculptures on snow and ice” Mr Joueur  “The resort is easy to get to, it’s a true village with a mountain village feel and it’s cool, especially at the end of the season.” Mr Bertrude Discover all the Chalets and Apartments rentals of the Sea & Mountain Agency in Valloire for an unforgettable holiday. Click here

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Five Good Reasons to come to Val d’Isère this Summer


Five Good Reasons to come to Val d’Isère this Summer

If  you could take a little a little bit of Val d’Isère away with you, what would it be ?

Scenery that takes your breath away ? Happiness for the whole family, breathing in all that fresh mountain air ? The adrenaline generated by a great hike in the mountains ? The taste for adventure that lingers after your downhill descent in the Bike Park ? The wealth of events and activities on offer ? The memories and stories from chatting to the locals ? The cool touch of the stone used to build the traditonial houses ? A shopkeeper’s smile ? The taste of a blueberry tart enjoyed after a walk on the road leading up the Col de l’Iseran ?

Unless, of course, you want to take a morsel of all of these special moments away with you ?

To help you a little bit, here are our Top Five –  5 good reasons to come to the mountains this summer, to escape the heat and enjoy the limitless natural  surroundings.

1. Take a hike along one of the numerous paths  around Val d’Isère and wander into the Vanoise National ParkOur argument :  the view, the scents, the animals, the sense and sheer happiness of being alive and free in a truly magnificent environment.

2. Take a parapente flight. Our argument : incredible sensations, unique views that takes your breath away, and maybe an encounter with an eagle or a  vulture. Quite simply, it’s a magical experience.

3. Climb the Col de l’Iseran by bike or e-bike. Our argument : this is one of the classic climbs of the Route des Grandes Alpes. The panorama is unbeatable. Ride  at your own pace and drink in the beauty of  your surroundings.  It’s as if time no longer exists.

4. Eat a blueberry tart in the village after swallowing  a few mouthfuls of ice-cool water from a fountain. Our argument : blueberries are antioxidants, the mountain food of the gods – and they’re delicious. What’s more, you burn off enough calories while biking or hiking to allow yourself t his stolen pleasure.

5. A descent on a mountain bike. Our argument : the Bike Park is one of the best in France,  160km of trails suitable for everyone from beginner to expert. It’s the ultimate thrilling moment..and a chance  to work on your turns for next winter !

How to prepare your skis before the season?

Agence Mer & Montagne

How to prepare your skis before the season?

In Europe, several high altitude areas have already partially opened their tracks, the others will gradually follow the movement in the weeks to come: it’s time to prepare your skis, so that they are ready when the time comes to put on! Some rules and tips to respect to start the winter on the right foot.

A good summer storage of skis guarantees a quick maintenance at the beginning of the season

In fact, the work to be done on your skis at the beginning of the season depends entirely on the care with which you have stored them for the summer. If you have stored them in a clean and dry place with a good layer of wax to protect the soleplate, you only have to scrape them off, polish them with a synthetic cloth then check the setting of the bindings and go!

If you have not yet adopted the good reflexes of summer storage, you need a little more time.
First check the condition of the edges to detect any sign of rust (in case of a very bad storage, in a cover for example!) And check that they are well sharpened (when you pass a nail on it, it must to be scratched). Otherwise, do not sharpen, especially since at the beginning of the season, the snow is often hard.

Caring for your skis yourself is not that difficult

If you are not used to maintaining your skis, you can take them to a store. But if you’re a little handyman, know that sharpening-waxing kits are available at many shops or on the net with videos to support, which makes the task easier. Maintaining your skis is not complicated, but you have to be cautious and follow the instructions given by the video. With the habit, you will be more comfortable.

Tip: To go further and know the right actions, you can already follow the advice that Vola has carefully gathered in his technical booklet. You will find all the instrustions concerning flattening, sharpening, brushing, waxing …

Some tips for waxing

Clean your soles to remove dust and dirt (with a liquid dispenser if you have them) and then use a waxing iron or an old iron and a wax for cold snow.

Attention: the liquid wax can help, but eventually it dries the skis: always prefer hot waxing.
Melt the wax cake into droplets by putting it against the sole of the iron.
Using the iron, distribute the wax over the entire surface of the soleplate. This is the most delicate operation. It is necessary to pass the iron slowly (of the spatula towards the heel) without never leaving the iron too long at the same place, or worse, completely immobile on your skis! This will damage your soleplate and require major repairs.

Let cool and cure this uniform wax film at room temperature, then scrape all the excess with a plastic scraper. Then pass the brush from the spatula to the heel and finally finish with a synthetic cloth to polish.

Once the waxing-sharpening operation is complete, the setting of the fasteners must be checked.
Also note that if you have changed ski boots, check again that the setting is suitable for them: for the same size, the hull length can vary significantly.

Your skis are ready! Store them carefully and wait … the snow is coming!

To keep your skis in good condition throughout the winter, never leave them in a cover after a day of skiing, as wet, their edges will rust, and do not abuse liquid wax. Also remember to sharpen them from time to time so that they keep all their performances. Have a good season!


How to choose your ski destination?

Agence Mer & Montagne

How to choose your ski destination?

Although the autumn is radiant, the winter is getting closer and the peaks will start to whiten. For lucky holidaymakers planning to go skiing, it’s time to book your stay! Before that, a delicate question arises: in which ski resort to leave? With more than 300 ski resorts spread over five mountains, France is full of tourist destinations for skiing. It is certain that among this wide choice, everyone will find the station of his dreams. Here are some good questions to ask yourself to help you find it.

The questions to ask when choosing a ski destination

Unless you are a follower of last-minute improvised trips in a few clicks, the choice of your next ski destination must be accompanied by a preliminary search, generally oriented around a handful of criteria: altitude, size of the resort, budget … To help you find THE ski resort that best suits your needs, it’s best to ask yourself a few simple questions. From your answers to these few questions will come your choice!

➽ With whom am I leaving?
If you go with family, couple or friends, your favorite station will be different. For families with young children, no need to target high altitude ski resorts. Altitude can have adverse effects on young children and the temperature is much colder. The “Famille Plus” label, which currently includes 43 French resorts, is a good indicator. This label is awarded according to the reception facilities dedicated to families and children (daycares, ski schools, events, structures and adapted services). In contrast, a group of friends will prefer a dynamic and festive station; a couple, a station rather “cocooning”.

➽ What is my skiing level?
If you are a beginner skier, ski areas small resorts will suit you perfectly. Generally located at lower altitudes, they consist mainly of green and blue tracks, ideal for learning. Intermediate to good skiers will prefer to conquer larger ski areas with a wide variety of slopes for all levels. For lovers who never want to ski on the same track, aim stations connected to major ski areas of more than 200 km of tracks.

➽ When do I leave?
If you go in the middle of winter (January or February), the level of snow is at its maximum and normally covers all the massifs. This criterion will not influence your choice. On the other hand, if you want to leave at the beginning or end of the season, where the snow is not always at the rendezvous, it is preferable to move towards high altitude stations (at more than 1800 m of altitude) and well-equipped with artificial snow cannons.

➽ What is my budget and length of stay?
To put it simply, the bigger the ski area, the higher the price of the ski pass and the accommodation. If your budget is small, small and medium-sized resorts will more easily meet your expectations. Note that some major resorts do not hesitate to break their prices during low periods (January and April) by offering packages (packages + accommodation) at very attractive prices. Think also about the “Early Booking” offers offered by many resorts. If you go less than a week, accessibility and functionality are the order of the day. Opt for a station easily accessible from your place of residence, and which offer online services to save time on-site (booking packages online, renting equipment online …).

➽ How am I leaving?
Depending on your means of transport (car, train or plane), ski resorts are more or less well served. If you leave by car, that’s not the question, except for drivers who want to avoid driving on small mountain roads. In this case, prefer stations closer to cities for easier access. If you leave by train and consider a quick trip, take guards, only a few stations are quickly connected to train stations, such as Les Arcs with its direct access by funicular from the station Bourg Saint-Maurice. Those who travel by plane, prefer stations connected by shuttles to airports.

➽ What atmosphere am I looking for?
Whether you are fond of festive après-ski and entertainment or, on the contrary, calm and authenticity, your destination will differ. In general, the larger the station, the more opportunities for outings are multiple. This is also the case for non-skiing activities and leisure activities. Those who wish to relax and relax in the quiet, prefer the village resorts to the sweet and friendly atmosphere, preferably with a water center / wellness area to extend the relaxation.

triathlon Alpe D'Huez

Alpe d’Huez Triathlon


Alpe d’Huez Triathlon

Every year, the world’s elite meets at the heart of the Oisans massif to take part in one of the most prestigious triathlon on the international calendar. For one week in Alpe d’Huez, with several races and a range of entertainment, ‘Triple Effort’ enthusiasts will enjoy a unique event of its kind.
In an exceptional setting, amateurs or experienced racers, adults or children can choose the event that suits them best.

Duathlon: Tuesday 31th July – Start 16h00.
6,5 km run- 15 km bike- 2,5 km run

With 400 duathletes taking part, this opening event between Bourg d’Oisans and Alpe d’Huez is an intense but fun experience!
The Duathlon event is an introduction to combined events with a 6.5 km run followed by a 15 km cycle ride, including the Alpe d’Huez ascent and a 2.5 km run at 2000 meters high.

Children Triathlon : Wednesday 1st August  – from 14h30 to 16h00.

The 2017 edition of the Children Triathlon promises to be epic, with double the number of registrations than in 2016. The race is fully subscribed with 300 children in various categories from 6 to 14 years old.
The Children Triathlon is a non-competitive race for youngsters to discover the joys of triathlon: there is no ranking or timing, all children are rewarded.
A flash mob will take place at 17h00 at the Sponsor Village, with all children involved.

Triathlon L (Long Distance):  Thursday 2nd August – Start 9h30.
2,2 km swim-120 km bike- 21 km run

The Long Distance Triathlon is the main event of the week with 1100 athletes starting in the crystal clear waters of the Verney hydroelectric dam. Thanks to special authorisation from EDF, sponsor of the event, competitors will have the privilege to swim in clear water, at 700 m high, surrounded by amazing landscapes.

The cycling route will favour climbers, with 3 mountain passes: Alpe du Grand Serre (1375 m), Col d’Ornon (1371 m) and the mythical ascent of Alpe d’Huez and its 21 bends.
To top it all, following the bike run, running will take place in the majestic setting of the resort of Alpe d’Huez. The route, a mixture of paved roads and mountain paths, consists of three loops of 7.3 km each.

Triathlon M (Short Distance): Friday 3rd  August – Start 14h00.
1,2 km swimn-30 km ride- 7 km run
The most favoured event by triathletes in 2017 has become a ‘must do’ for all French and foreign clubs. Beyond the fierce competition and challenge of the 21 mythical bends, the Triathlon M is also well known for its friendly and cheerful atmosphere.
On the menu: the pure waters of Lac du Verney, where the swimming takes place, through to the summit of Alpe d’Huez, at more than 1800 m high. There is something for every taste. The ascent of the legendary climb is the main course of this Triathlon. Once the climb has been completed, there is only a 7 km loop left around the resort, a real piece of cake!

Another special feature of this festival is that the events are not just for seasoned triathletes. The EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon enables amateur athletes to form a relay team, so that as many people as possible can learn about one of the three disciplines: the opportunity to create new triathlete vocations among the neophytes!


In total, more than 3500 triathletes, including more than 50% from abroad, will take part in this triathlon at the top!


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