How to choose your ski destination?

How to choose your ski destination?

Although the autumn is radiant, the winter is getting closer and the peaks will start to whiten. For lucky holidaymakers planning to go skiing, it’s time to book your stay! Before that, a delicate question arises: in which ski resort to leave? With more than 300 ski resorts spread over five mountains, France is full of tourist destinations for skiing. It is certain that among this wide choice, everyone will find the station of his dreams. Here are some good questions to ask yourself to help you find it.

The questions to ask when choosing a ski destination

Unless you are a follower of last-minute improvised trips in a few clicks, the choice of your next ski destination must be accompanied by a preliminary search, generally oriented around a handful of criteria: altitude, size of the resort, budget … To help you find THE ski resort that best suits your needs, it’s best to ask yourself a few simple questions. From your answers to these few questions will come your choice!

➽ With whom am I leaving?
If you go with family, couple or friends, your favorite station will be different. For families with young children, no need to target high altitude ski resorts. Altitude can have adverse effects on young children and the temperature is much colder. The “Famille Plus” label, which currently includes 43 French resorts, is a good indicator. This label is awarded according to the reception facilities dedicated to families and children (daycares, ski schools, events, structures and adapted services). In contrast, a group of friends will prefer a dynamic and festive station; a couple, a station rather “cocooning”.

➽ What is my skiing level?
If you are a beginner skier, ski areas small resorts will suit you perfectly. Generally located at lower altitudes, they consist mainly of green and blue tracks, ideal for learning. Intermediate to good skiers will prefer to conquer larger ski areas with a wide variety of slopes for all levels. For lovers who never want to ski on the same track, aim stations connected to major ski areas of more than 200 km of tracks.

➽ When do I leave?
If you go in the middle of winter (January or February), the level of snow is at its maximum and normally covers all the massifs. This criterion will not influence your choice. On the other hand, if you want to leave at the beginning or end of the season, where the snow is not always at the rendezvous, it is preferable to move towards high altitude stations (at more than 1800 m of altitude) and well-equipped with artificial snow cannons.

➽ What is my budget and length of stay?
To put it simply, the bigger the ski area, the higher the price of the ski pass and the accommodation. If your budget is small, small and medium-sized resorts will more easily meet your expectations. Note that some major resorts do not hesitate to break their prices during low periods (January and April) by offering packages (packages + accommodation) at very attractive prices. Think also about the “Early Booking” offers offered by many resorts. If you go less than a week, accessibility and functionality are the order of the day. Opt for a station easily accessible from your place of residence, and which offer online services to save time on-site (booking packages online, renting equipment online …).

➽ How am I leaving?
Depending on your means of transport (car, train or plane), ski resorts are more or less well served. If you leave by car, that’s not the question, except for drivers who want to avoid driving on small mountain roads. In this case, prefer stations closer to cities for easier access. If you leave by train and consider a quick trip, take guards, only a few stations are quickly connected to train stations, such as Les Arcs with its direct access by funicular from the station Bourg Saint-Maurice. Those who travel by plane, prefer stations connected by shuttles to airports.

➽ What atmosphere am I looking for?
Whether you are fond of festive après-ski and entertainment or, on the contrary, calm and authenticity, your destination will differ. In general, the larger the station, the more opportunities for outings are multiple. This is also the case for non-skiing activities and leisure activities. Those who wish to relax and relax in the quiet, prefer the village resorts to the sweet and friendly atmosphere, preferably with a water center / wellness area to extend the relaxation.

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