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Five Good Reasons to come to Val d’Isère this Summer

Five Good Reasons to come to Val d’Isère this Summer

If  you could take a little a little bit of Val d’Isère away with you, what would it be ?

Scenery that takes your breath away ? Happiness for the whole family, breathing in all that fresh mountain air ? The adrenaline generated by a great hike in the mountains ? The taste for adventure that lingers after your downhill descent in the Bike Park ? The wealth of events and activities on offer ? The memories and stories from chatting to the locals ? The cool touch of the stone used to build the traditonial houses ? A shopkeeper’s smile ? The taste of a blueberry tart enjoyed after a walk on the road leading up the Col de l’Iseran ?

Unless, of course, you want to take a morsel of all of these special moments away with you ?

To help you a little bit, here are our Top Five –  5 good reasons to come to the mountains this summer, to escape the heat and enjoy the limitless natural  surroundings.

1. Take a hike along one of the numerous paths  around Val d’Isère and wander into the Vanoise National ParkOur argument :  the view, the scents, the animals, the sense and sheer happiness of being alive and free in a truly magnificent environment.

2. Take a parapente flight. Our argument : incredible sensations, unique views that takes your breath away, and maybe an encounter with an eagle or a  vulture. Quite simply, it’s a magical experience.

3. Climb the Col de l’Iseran by bike or e-bike. Our argument : this is one of the classic climbs of the Route des Grandes Alpes. The panorama is unbeatable. Ride  at your own pace and drink in the beauty of  your surroundings.  It’s as if time no longer exists.

4. Eat a blueberry tart in the village after swallowing  a few mouthfuls of ice-cool water from a fountain. Our argument : blueberries are antioxidants, the mountain food of the gods – and they’re delicious. What’s more, you burn off enough calories while biking or hiking to allow yourself t his stolen pleasure.

5. A descent on a mountain bike. Our argument : the Bike Park is one of the best in France,  160km of trails suitable for everyone from beginner to expert. It’s the ultimate thrilling moment..and a chance  to work on your turns for next winter !