1) Offer on www.agencemermontagne.com

a) Generality

b) Capacities of the AGENCEMERMONTAGNE.COM website

c) Protection and uses of datas

2) Booking process and conditions on agencemermontagne.com

a) Prices

b) Quotations

c) Booking on the website agencemermontagne.com

3) Process and modalities for modifications on agencemermontagne.com

a) Modification by the customer

b) Modification or cancellation by agencemermontagne.com

4) Cancellation process and procedures on www.agencemermontagne.com

5) Services

a) Information on the accommodations

b) Departures and Arrivals

c) Deposit / Accommodation Checking

d) Tourist taxes

e) Respect of premises and Housekeeping

f) Term of use

g) Special services offered on site or on the website

h) Construction work

i) Animals

j) General obligations

6) Absence of the right of withdrawal

7) Insurance

8) Claims

9) Legal information / Responsibilities

10) Rappel des dispositions du Code du Tourisme


1) Offer on www.agencemermontagne.com

a) Overview

These general conditions of sale and use apply to all services offered on the website www.agencemermontagne.com. The order of services is reserved for users who have read these general conditions of sale in their entirety, as well as specific conditions specific to each product and / or service, prior to each order and having accepted. Any reservation, quotation, firm order which is carried out directly on the website or via the advisers implies obligatorily to have taken prior knowledge and to adhere to these general conditions of sale.

The products offered on the website of Agence Mer et Montagne are managed in real time: Therefore, a product offered for rent on the website can be the subject of several requests and be mentioned still available during the time of processing pre-booking requests until confirmation of booking. Agence Mer et Montagne therefore draws the customer’s attention to the fact that the product presented as available may become unavailable if several users present on the website www.agencemermontagne.com or other distributors order the same product at the same time.

The first user to make a reservation will have priority. If a reservation can not be honored by www.agencemermontagne.com because of unavailability of the product, the customer will be informed by email or phone within 48 hours after pre-booking. Any process will therefore be stopped and the banking information required during the pre-reservation will be destroyed, unless the customer prefers to choose another service of equivalent quality to the extent possible; For this purpose, the contact person is requested to refer to the “Pre-reservations and Reservations” provisions of these general conditions to have all the necessary and applicable information on this subject. The website www.agencemermontagne.com constitutes a prior offer within the meaning of articles R. 211-4 and R. 211-5 of the Code du Tourisme. However, the Agence Mer et Montagne reserves the right to modify some of the services offered under the conditions set out in Article R211-5 of the Tourism Code. The reservation of a stay implies to accept the present general conditions of sale. A printing error is always possible. Changes in economic conditions may cause the Agence Mer et Montagne to modify prices before the contract is signed. L’Agence Mer et Montagne draws the attention of the client about the deformation that buildings, rooms and swimming pools undergo when pictures are taken with a wide angle. The photos are given only as an example and are not, in any case, contractual. The surfaces of the accommodations are approximate and given as an indication.

b) Capacities of the WWW.AGENCEMERMONTAGNE.COM website

The purpose of the website is to act on behalf of the owners and to assist the customer in finding products and services related to the trip and to make the appropriate reservations or any other transaction with the partners or owners.

he customer is financially responsible for the use of the site both on his behalf and on behalf of third parties, including minors using his data and contact details, except to demonstrate fraudulent use resulting from no fault or negligence on his part . The customer is committed to providing accurate and true information. Use of the booking service of this site, fraudulent or in violation of these terms and conditions, may result in the refusal at any time of access to services offered on the site.

In case of non-compliance with these rules, the agency can not be held responsible and apply these terms and conditions of sale.

c) Protection and use of datas

In accordance with Article 32 of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the essential information at www.agencemermontagne.com to handle the questions asked are used and protected as follows. We only collect personal information that you voluntarily give us through our “Chat Online” or our contact form, to better help you prepare your stay and answer your questions. We need to know your name, your first name, your personal postal address, your telephone number, your e-mail address and possibly your date of birth. For all information collected through the platform www.agencemermontagne.com we undertake to keep strictly confidential data sent. The customer agrees that we reuse his data for the sole purpose of informing him about his orders, offering him new products or informing him about various elements relating to a stay. The customer can request the erasure of his data by contacting by email at the following address: contact@agencemermontagne.com.

L’Agence Mer & Montagne does not collect or hold any banking information given by the client.

One Shot Pay (in case of online payment)

Rue Antoine de Saint Exupéry

73300 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – France

Société Alliance Réseaux

26, rue St Exupéry


All information collected via the booking module (banking information & personal data) is governed by the privacy policy of the companies mentioned above, which can be consulted at the following address: https://www.oneshotpay.com/protection-donnees.aspx ;

2) Booking process and conditions on www.agencemermontagne.com

a) Prices

The prices indicated are in Euros. The payment of the stay is made in Euros. For each booking, the rates are “All Taxes Included” and incorporate the Value Added Tax at the rate currently in effect. Any subsequent modification of the VAT rate in force or any creation of new taxes on the services appearing on the websites of the Agence Mer et Montagne, which occurred between the time when the rates were determined and the invoicing, will automatically entail a price change including tax. The prices do not include: the tourist tax, the possible fixed price per week or per stay for a domestic animal, the deposit which the Customer will pay on the arrival and which will be returned to him after his stay (subject to inventory made at his departure), any additional services (eg: television rental, rental of towels …) or additional services, end-of-stay cleaning. The descriptions on the website will inform the Customer about the different services offered by the price, if the information does not appear clear to the customer, he can contact one of the advisers of the Agency by calling +33 4 79 64 31 94 or by writing to contact@agencemermontagne.com

b) Quotations

The customer has the possibility to request a quotation only by telephone with one of the advisers of the Agency by calling +33 4 79 64 31 94.  The quote is not a reservation. Only the payment of a deposit of 25% or the full payment of the amount of the file ensures the customer of taking into account the actual booking of your stay, always according to availability at the time of payment.

c) Booking on the website agencemermontagne.com

Pre-booking & Booking

In order to avoid any rental problem, avoid duplication and ensure the smooth running of the services offered, the client acknowledges that the Agence Mer et Montagne will take good care to check the availability of the property before ensuring the effective reservation according to the conditions mentioned below within 48 hours. The customer will be notified of this step in a mail received by email following its validation. A credit card imprint will be requested during the process to ensure confirmation of interest and demand via the Open Pro Module. As a result of this several possibilities operate:

– The property is not available for renting: L’Agence Mer & Montagne then contacts the client in order to find another property, in the case where the property proposed to the client suits him, a validation by mail will be then requested before proceeding with booking operations as mentioned below.

– The property is not available for rent and the client does not wish to continue his order with another proposed property: All banking information is then destroyed, the Agency Mer & Montagne keeps the right to keep the personal information of the customer for future commercial purposes (information, promotions etc …)

– The property is available for renting: A booking confirmation email is sent and the booking conditions below apply: The confirmation e-mail indicating that the booking is available for the benefit of the customer on the basis of the description of the property concerned, as well as the present general conditions of sale, constitutes a contract within the meaning of article R.211-6 of the Tourism Code.

However, the provision of the lease will be effective only subject to fulfillment by the client of the following conditions:

In the case where the reservation is made within 30 days of the effective date of the stay: The full amount will be deducted from the credit card imprint previously made.

In the case where the reservation is made more than 30 days from the effective date of the stay: a 25% deposit will be taken from the customer’s bank account and the balance will be paid by bank transfer. The Agence Mer Montagne will give all the necessary information to customers at least 30 days before their arrival so that they can transfer the amounts due.

The reservation of a stay is effective only by reception by the system of the secured payment of the Agency Mer & Mountain of a deposit of 25% or the totality of the amount of the stay.

Upon receipt of the request for payment of the balance by Agence Montagne, the customer has 72 hours to settle their balance, failing this step Agence Montagne reserves the right to automatically cancel the reservation, the down payments. remaining acquired.
Cancellation fees will be calculated in accordance with the general conditions of sale and will be claimed by any amicable or legal means.

Chèque Vacances

The Agence Mer et Montagne does not accept they way of payment

Stay Voucher

After the effective reservation of his stay and the balance of the settled file, the customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail of its integral payment and the information related to his arrival and in particular the person to contact on the spot which will give him the information relating to his arrival: The coordinates of his place of reception, namely the address and the telephone number. The documents will be printed by the client and must imperatively be taken with him at his place of residence and presented to his local contact. If the customer has still not received their travel documents 15 days before their arrival, it is imperative that they contact an advisor at +33 4 79 64 31 94 or by email contact@agencemermontagne.com L’Agence Mer & Montagne undertakes to deliver the documents relating to the stay to the email address provided by the user who is therefore responsible for this communication.


An invoice concerning the stay may be requested by the customer at any time once the balance is paid by phone +33 4 79 64 31 94 or by mail contact@agencemermontagne.com

3) Process and modalities for modification on www.agencemermontagne.com 

a) Modification by the customer

A stay may be modified at the request of the client depending on the possibilities by the Agence Mer & Montagne. In this case, the client must inform the Agency by email. Modification fees will be applied in addition to the possible costs claimed by the Agency’s partners or the owners and of which the Client will be informed before validating the modification requested. One-time fee for change: € 30 These fees will apply to any changes made to the booking file. These rates concern the following categories of changes: change of dates, residence, apartment, resort with the same provider / host. The customer has the possibility to modify the names of some participants (except the name of the person who made the booking) until 8 days before the departure. It should be noted that no changes can be made within 24 hours of the dates of departure of the initial reservation. A modification is not a cancellation.

b) Modification or Cancellation by agencemermontagne.com

The Agency Mer & Montagne makes sure your stay takes place in good conditions , but can not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances or because of third parties. However, even in these latter cases, the Sea and Mountain Agency will endeavor, with the help of its partners and owners, to look for solutions to overcome these difficulties. If, before the departure, one of the essential elements of the stay is modified or if the stay is canceled, the customer can, within a reasonable time after having been warned by telephone and by mail:

– Either terminate his reservation, in which case he will get a full refund of all sums paid as soon as possible

– Either accept to participate in the modified stay. In this case, a new booking confirmation will be sent, specifying the modifications, the decrease or the increase of the price.

The customer can not claim any compensation if the cancellation of the stay is imposed by circumstances of force majeure for reasons relating to the security of the tenants.

4) Cancellation process and procedures on www.agencemermontagne.com

Any cancellation, for whatever reasons, partial or total, should preferably be notified by registered mail to Agence Mer & Montagne, Avenue des Grandes Alpes, 73450 Valloire, the date of receipt of the mail of the customer determining the date of cancellation request or by email at contact@agencemermontagne.com.

All cancellation requests must be attached with the IBAN in the name of the holder of the file. The Agence Montagne will inform the owner of the case, who will reimburse the amount paid, except for administration fees, modification fees, management fees and amounts with deduction of sums withheld for penalties in the scale below:

  • From the date of reservation to 60 days before the date of stay: the deposit is not returned to the tenant
  • From 59 to 31 days before the date of stay: 75% of the stay will be charged to the tenant
  • From 30 days to the date of arrival or in case of no show at the beginning of the stay: 100% of the stay will be charged to the tenant.

Any stay started is considered consumed by the participant and will not give rise to any refund. If the client does not show up at the place of their stay, L’Agence Mer & Montagne will keep 100% of the total amount, including the options. Likewise, any interrupted or abridged stay, whatever the reason, can not give rights to any refund.

5) Services and related information

a) Information on accommodation

All information concerning the accommodation is mentioned in the description on the website www.agencemermontagne.com. In the event that details or additional information should be clarified, the customer can contact the agency by phone +33 4 79 64 31 94 or by mail contact@agencemermontagne.com. The agency only has information provided by its partners or owners and can not be held responsible for incorrect information.

b) Departures and Arrivals

Following the booking confirmation of the customer, a letter will be sent with information about his stay. The contact details of his contact will also be sent by email. It is imperative to contact him at least 5 days before arrival to agree on the place, the schedule for arrival. This person will also be able to answer any questions the client may have about accommodation and access. L’Agence Mer & Montagne can not be held responsible in the case of a bad organization or coordination on the spot by either the fault of the customer or the local contact. In most of its sites in France, arrivals are scheduled on Saturday, between 17h and 20h and departures are on the following Saturday, check out before 10am. Accommodation should be in perfect conditions. In case of late arrival, if the arrival would not take place on the date and at the scheduled time, it is essential to have the agreement of the provider on the spot. His contact details, address and telephone number are mentioned on the voucher. L’Agence Mer & Montagne is in no way responsible for the method of transport of the customer or the difficulties of access to the property upon arrival due to natural conditions (snow ….).

c) Deposit / Accommodation Check

A deposit will be requested from the client upon arrival by the local contact. The amount may vary depending on the accommodation. The exact amount and the order will be indicated to the customer on the voucher and will be reminded by the contact on site or in his welcome letter if there is one. Upon arrival, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the cleanliness of the apartment and to take inventory with the contact on site. Any breach must be reported as soon as possible to the service provider or the representative of the organizer. Failure to comply with these requirements may affect the determination of any compensation. An inventory must be done with the contact on site at the time of arrival and before departure.

The deposit will be returned to the customer by the contact at the end of the stay or at the latest one month after departure, after  the inventory, with deduction amount of any damage found by the provider.

d) Tourist taxes

Tourist taxes are not included in prices showed on the website. They are always the responsibility of the customer who must pay them on site and are due upon arrival. The amounts of the tourist taxes vary according to the municipalities of the places of residence and may be required upon arrival in accordance with the rules laid down by Articles L. 2333-26 to L. 2333-32, L. 2333-34 to L. 2333 -37, L. 2333-39 to L. 2333-44, L. 2333-46 and L. 2333-46-1 of the general code of local authorities. The tourist taxes are calculated per person per night and can be regularized according to the means of payment offered on the spot (cash, check, credit card)

e) Respect of the premises and Housekeeping

It is up to the customer to take note of the inventory upon his arrival and to respect the rules and procedures stated by the contact on site. During his stay, his personal belongings are strictly his own responsibility. It’s the same with his vehicle. Under no circumstances the Agency or contact on site will be held responsible for a robbery in the accommodation.

The responsibility of the Agence Mer & Montagne can not be held liable in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal effects, particularly in its accommodation, common premises and adjoining car parks.

The Agency reminds the client that he is responsible for the security of his accommodation during his stay and that it is his responsibility to ensure accordingly. Some precautions can avoid a possible inconvenience, including: close the windows before leaving the premises, lock the door.

A cleaning option may be subscribed during the stay to the terms of the services offered by the on-site contact. Please note, for rentals, the final cleaning is not necessarily included and a lump sum may be retained if the apartment is considered poorly cleaned or given back in a very bad state even if the cleaning service has been subscribed.

The Agency informs the customer that all accommodations are “non-smoking”. Any damage caused by non-compliance with this clause will give right to an amount deducted from the deposit depending on the damage caused.

f) Terms of use

The prices of the accommodations are set with an occupation corresponding to the maximum capacity indicated on the accommodation’s description on www.agencemermontagne.com. It should be noted that a baby or a child is considered as a participant. For bunk beds, we warn you that sleeping at height is not suitable for children under six years of age (Decree No. 95.949 of 25 August 1995). Families must pay attention to these safety requirements.

L’Agence Mer & Montagne disclaims any responsibility in the event of a problem. In some dwellings, access to mezzanines can be done by a miller’s ladder, which is not recommended for seniors and young children. Some houses have a garden or garden – it is not necessarily closed, customers have full responsibility for their own safety and that of their children in the accommodation and around. The client must respect the maximum capacity of the accommodation he has booked, the Agency will not be held responsible for the discomfort of the stay in case this clause would not be respected.

g) Special services offered on site or on the website

Special requests concerning services available on site (like baby kits, booking a parking space, a specific location …) as well as inquiries (for example those regarding the size of the beds) must be treated directly with the local contact whose phone number is indicated on the voucher received once the balance amount of the reservation is made. Any service offered on the spot by the local contact engages only its responsibility or the one of the provider providing the service. The services related to housing such as WiFi access, sheets provided or optional, towels provided or optional, are provided on the description of accommodation on the website or on your confirmation mail. The information on the activities as presented on the website of Agence Mer et Montagne are suggestions provided by us with external service providers. For more information, the customer is advised to contact them directly to obtain accurate information and to confirm a possible reservation. It is possible that the details of the services are modified between their insertion on our website and the stay without engaging the responsibility of Agence Mer et Montagne. For all outings presented in establishments and organized by an external provider, the customer agrees to be supported by its responsibility. For more information, it is recommended that you contact them directly prior to booking to read them.

Regarding the link on our website for the ski equipment rental plateform with our logo and partnership with Sport 2000. The customer is informed that the plateform with SPORT 2000 is only a “white mark”. Any booking of equipment via this Sport 2000 platform is only related to the SPORT 2000 general terms and conditions of sale. The Agence Mer & Montagne can not be held responsible for any breach of the SPORT 2000 service conditions.

h) Construction work

It may happen that unexpected construction works are going on near the accommodation. The Agency declines all responsibility for the nuisance caused and has no influence on the progress of that work. The client can not claim compensation.

i) Animals

Pets are not allowed in all accommodations. It is therefore necessary to get in touch with the on-site contact. It should be noted that the presence of an animal, in the accommodations that accept them, can generate a supplement to be paid on the spot. It is also possible that some pets are refused such as new pets, animals over 15kg, attack dogs (Pitbull type) and 2nd category (guard or defense). It is therefore important to inquire beforehand.

j) General obligations

In general, the tenant is obliged to:

– to use peacefully the rented accommodation,

– to not rent the accommodation to someone else,

– to respond to damage and losses that occur during the rental period,

– not to change anything in the accommodation,

– to respect the rules and procedures explained by the on-site contact,

– to have all the necessary assurances and ustify them at any request of the agency,

– to let the person in charge enter the premises as often as necessary, in case of urgent work that must be carried out

6) Absence of the right of withdrawal

According to Article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to the provision of accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services that must be provided on a date or according to a specific periodicity.

7) Insurance

The accommodations offered on our website all have Insurance necessary for rental, however it is the responsibility of the tenant to have the insurance required for his own stay (civil liability, etc …)

8) Claims

In case of problems (dirt or other anomaly) in the accommodation or with any other services noticed on arrival, it is mandatory for the customer to immediately contact the local contact to inform him. After 72 hours, it will be impossible for him to receive a complaint. The Agence Mer & Montagne disclaims any liability in case of non-claim with the provider within the time limit and can not properly process the same. In case of complaint, the customer has 60 days maximum after his return to write to us. It is best to send the claim by registered mail to have proof of receipt. Complaints sent by email will also be taken into account. An acknowledgment of receipt of the letter attesting to its good reception and its support by the service will be sent to the customer by email within seven working days of receipt. Except in exceptional cases, the customer’s complaint will be processed within six weeks after receipt of the mail. Any solutions offered to the customer must be sent to him within 20 days after the response by email, otherwise the file will be considered closed.

The Agency informs its customers that following a prior unsuccessful attempt to solve the issue with the client by formal letter the client has the opportunity to take a mediation procedure by contacting the Mediation of Tourism and Travel.

Contact :

SARL DEVIGNY MEDIATION sise 9 avenue René GASNIER D01 49100 – ANGERS, représentée par sa gérante Emmanuelle DEVIGNY, immatriculée au RCS d’ANGERS (49) sous le numéro 824 611 818.

Téléphone : 02 41 25 47 58

Mail : contact@devignymediation.fr

9) Legal Information


293 Route des Grandes Alpes


Limited company with capital of 1,000 €

Professional card of transaction on buildings and property management n ° 879 176 337 CPI 7301 2019 000 043 673, delivered by the Prefecture of Savoy

Card bearing the mention «gestion immobilière» Guaranteed by Galian Assurances, 89, rue La Boétie – 75008 Paris under the number B 92042817 for an amount of 120 000 €• Card bearing the mention “real estate transaction” Guarantee by Galian Assurances, 89, rue La Boétie – 75008 Paris under the number B 91042818 for an amount of 120 000 €

L’AGENCE MER & MONTAGNE offer rentals in accordance to the contract made with the owner of each properties or property managers.

The company AGENCE MER & MONTAGNE can only be held liable for its intermediary services. The Company AGENCE MER & MONTAGNE, can not, under any circumstances be held liable by the tenant as a result of particular damages, whatever they are, regarding equipments or nstallations (water , gas, electricity, WIFI, telephone, cable TV, etc …).

The property is the sole responsibility of the owner where l’Agence Mer & Montagne is just the agent.