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Real estate investment is one of the best investments to build a sustainable heritage. Its return on investment is more interesting than that of conventional savings.


In order to limit the tax on rental income, homeowners choose massively the LMNP Plan (Location Meublée Non Professionnelle). Furnished rent allows a bonus of a 71% reduction on the amount of your rent gains. As part of a purchase of an apartment to renovate, in addition to the possibility of acquiring an attractive property, you can deduct the full amount of your rental income.


Real estate is a safe investment that is valued over time and provides you with a stable income supplement. For you to pay your occupancy rate, opt for open stations in the summer and enjoy a wide range of activities.


The mountain is a holiday destination that continues to evolve, most ski resorts try to develop also in the summer by offering a multitude of outdoor activities. You should know that this is a destination that now attracts nearly 30% of foreign customers, a percentage that has doubled in ten years. These custumers, looking for quality services and open spaces, focuse on the Alps, considered as the most beautiful ski destination in the world. Escape, sport, relaxation, cultural heritage, gastronomy: there is something for everyone of all ages. Subsequently once owner you can enjoy all these benefits at your leisure!

Some tips from our experts to make the right choices :

The customs of vacationers have quite evolved : they are currently looking for spacious and generally modern apartments. Therefore, privilege “ski-in” residences, offering two rooms of at least 35 m² or 3 rooms of at least 50 m², wtih at least one parking space, if possible sheltered. Do not hesitate to buy new or otherwise think to provide a budget for renovation and decoration!
If you want to invest in our beautiful region, do not hesitate to contact us for the advice of our local team. We are here to assist you in the accomplishment of your project.

Have a look at our current real estate opportunities.

Agence Montagne Valloire

Real Estate Agency Valloire




The mission of the Agence Montagne is to offer mountain and winter sports lovers real estate properties that match their passions with high quality services

The Mountain Agency masters the entire real estate spectrum, from land research to design-construction and then rental management and para-hotel concierge services.

A professional service that leads us on unique, qualitative and benchmark projects for several years.

We are strengthening our range of services and locations with rental management and the quality chalet concierge benefiting from personalized advice in order to offer our customers unforgettable stays and experiences in the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps.


Be close to our clients and provide a complete and optimal real estate service. It is important for us to guide you with serenity in your altitude real estate projects.


You will discover in our HOLIDAY RENTAL section a wide choice of holiday rentals in our heart resorts in the four corners of the Alps and Savoie.


Be sure to spend holidays in the most beautiful destinations. Ski bounds in magnificent resorts of the French Alps combining conviviality, tradition, hospitality and winter sports. We only offer quality chalets and apartments in places where we usually visit to guarantee you a perfect stay. Thanks to our platform you can also book your ski and snowboard equipment directly via our platform, our partnership with SPORT 2000 allows us to offer you the best skiing material.

Our team is at your disposal to give you the best advice and to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.


You will find in our REAL ESTATE AGENCY section our selection of chalets, apartments, land and other real estate properties.

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Savoyard Gastronomy


Savoyard Gastronomy in the Alps

The Savoyard specials are not limited only to raclette, fondue and tartiflette; certainly always well appreciated after a good day of skiing or hiking in the beautiful mountains. Here is a small preview of our favorite dishes :

As an appetizer :

At the après-ski time : delicatessen meats and various cheeses to be served with a good Savoy wine, conviviality guaranteed !. Some craft beers are also produced in the region by dozens of small authentic breweries. You can add to these some Rioutes, they are salty cakes with anise.

For main course :

Stir fried Fish : near the Savoy Lakes, you can enjoy many kinds of different fishes : trout, monkfish, pike, feras, perch.

The farçon : it is an authentic savory dish that dates from the Middle Ages. It contains a salty base (usually: cabbage / eggs / potatoes / milk / onions / cheese) combined with dried fruits such as prunes, raisins and figs, all surrounded by thin slices of smoked bacon. The secret of this recipe: a long cooking time for a melty and slightly caramelized rendering. It can be accompanied by salad only.

The diots : these pork sausages cooked with white wine and onions are ment to eat with a good creamy polenta au gratin with Beaufort or crozets gratin : small square buckwheat pastas to cook with its sauce. The best way is obviously croziflette (crozets pastas, onions, cream, bacon and reblochon).

Matafan (or matefaim) is a potato pancake that can be eaten sweet or salty. It is a recipe coming from Savoy and Dauphiné (neighboor department) that is a bit similar to the Swiss Rösti.   

The berthoud: first rasp or cut the Abondance cheese, then place it in ramekins, previously rubbed with garlic. Cover with white wine of Savoy, pepper and lightly sprinkle with nutmeg before baking in the oven. To be served with potatoes.

For dessert :

The traditional wild blueberry pie    

The Génépi cup: two scoops of Génépi ice cream that are generously served with Génépi alcohol on top

The delicious nut pie

The light cake of Savoy, embellished with milk jam for gluttony!

And to finish in style :

If you did not abuse mulled wine on the slopes, you must finish a good mountain meal with a local digestive drink : pine liqueur, Génépi, Chartreuse, Mont-Corbier, or Suédois, they are all herbal alcohols of our mountains obviously! All that the good restaurant addresses in our stations we know them well and will not fail to give them to you, so remember to question us during your stay.

To spend holidays in total relaxation and without any bad surprises, make the call to our team of professionals on site. With our wide selection of comfortable accommodations, our advice on good restaurants and places to find the best products, you will leave for sure with a big smile and who knows maybe some extra luggage (obviously we talk about of the honey pots and cheese that you will bring back home to your friends).

End of season in the mountains


End of season in the mountains

Enjoy Ski and Sun for little price

Between the end of winter and the beginning of spring it is still a little too early to go to the seaside, and you may not suspect it, but it is a very pleasant period at altitude: skiing for alpine purists and activities in the resort for others. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is guaranteed to enjoy a generous sun, slopes just for you and especially very attractive prices.

If snow cover at the beginning of the season (late November / early December) is sometimes random, it is generally still significant in early spring and often the snow levels observed at altitude in March / April are much higher than those measured at the beginning of winter season. So you can still have fun on the slopes for a few more weeks!

You should know that more than 80 ski resorts in the Alps are still open, at least until mid-April, because indeed the ski season is far from over in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isere. The conditions are still excellent especially above 1600 meters altitude.

Organize your stay with the Agency Sea and Mountain, spend unforgettable moments in our most beautiful chalets and apartments of standing, and of course at the best rates!

You will enjoy the same pleasures as in high season but without any constraints: More expectations at the checkouts to take your packages, at high-altitude restaurants or lifts! The tradesmen and the local population will be very caring with you.

At this time, the expenses incurred for your stay will be much less important than all the rest of the season; and then in the spring there is no risk of a big snowstorm: make the most of your holiday week! The temperatures are mild, sunny spells are more frequent and very often it is even great sun assured!

If you are a beginner, know that this time of the year will delight young and old for their learning: snow more flexible, clear vision and less crowded slopes.

As for those who do not ski or little, the activities do not miss, the resorts will offer ice rinks, cinema, spa, bowling, and you can also enjoy the hiking trails that unfold at the end of the winter. Ask directly the tourist offices of the resort that interests you, or check their websites, you will find, in addition to the various activities offered, their animation programs often busy in this period.

Summer holidays in the mountains


Summer holidays in the mountains

Altitude bliss

As well known, the mountain is rather popular in winter, but it also has some real assets in summer: you can combine relaxation and activities of all kind.

You should know that each resort has its particularities: cultural activities, organized animations, outdoor activities, etc. There is really something for everyone: in Plagne-Bellecôte you can try an escape game; and this year, on July 25 Valloire is step 18 of the legendary Tour de France! For the real glide fans, choose one of the resort that has a glacier like Les 2 Alpes.

Beautiful landscapes, pure fresh air, wildlife, during summer the mountain does not lack assets. To attract tourists, villages and mountain resorts redouble initiatives: special offers for families, mini-clubs for children, provision of electric bicycles, etc.

You will be really surprised by the multitude of possible activities (other than the traditional hike of course!): Water sports, cycle, or air, there is something for everyone, but that’s not all: discover also the historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage of our beautiful moutains.

Enjoy picnics at the edge of beautiful natural lakes, downhill mountain biking sensations, tree climbing days, rafting, mountain-kart, swimming pool, ice rink, equestrian rides, zip line, climbing, climbing tennis, … etc. Our beautiful resorts are full of incredible recreation, so with your friends friends, lover or family, this is an opportunity for you to live a unique holiday away from mass tourism.

Take altitude, it has only advantages: in addition to nice fresh air, good cheeses and funny marmots, we can also talk about the price of summer holidays, which will allow you to escape at a low price .

indulge yourself, all you have to do is contact us: the specialists of the Agence Mer et Montagne will find you the resort and accommodation that meets your expectations for an unforgettable stay.

Let yourself be tempted by a dream cottage with a beautiful terrace to enjoy a sublime view of the mountains, you will also enjoy relaxation, space, tranquility and above all the awakening of your senses with views to cut the breath and unforgettable scents.

Get back home relaxed and with a lot of great memories, don’t wait to book, our summer rates are online!

Tips and deals to organise your mountain trip


Tips to set a trip in altitude

A well organised journey in the mountains


There are different resorts for many budgets and wishes:

The rates of your stay (accommodation, lift passes, activities, equipment rental, etc.) can go from single to double depending on the choice of resort. Be careful, depending on the reputation and size of the estate, prices may vary from single to double!

The location of the station is also an important element : consider watching the distance with your departure city. Find out if it is served by the train, or for example if there is a nearby highway exit. (Also think about carpooling!)

Are you going with friends or family? Dont make a mistake: there are family resorts and some more trendy ones.

Activities, other than skiing, may be totally different from one station to another: inquire at the tourist office. Here are some examples with our three favorite resorts in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes:

In Valloire, family resort-village in Maurienne, you can discover the following activities: outing in grooming, introduction to ski-joëring, snakegliss, sleigh ride with donkeys, snowshoeing, sled dogs, flights in microlight, Nordic walking, family ride with llamas, biathlon (shooting 10 meters, laser and lead), paragliding & speed riding …. and the most classic: cinema, bowling, ice rink, spas …

In La Plagne, in the heart of the Paradiski area in Tarentaise, fall for these: introduction to bobsleigh, spend a night in the village-igloo, introduction to ice climbing, airboard, yooner, snakegliss, bodyboard snow, ski trikke. Then to relax after all these new emotions you can enjoy health centers and spas!

At Les 2 Alpes, high altitude resort in Isère, you can try: snowmobile, airbag and dropbag, snowshoes, paragliding, canirando and sled dogs. For relaxation there are also: museums & exhibition spaces, ice cave tour, fitness center and cinema. After-ski is known to be dynamic and varied, and the nightlife hectic!


With our partner’s help, book your ski equipment in advance and pay less with our exclusive promo codes! In Valloire, also benefit from preferential rates for your group lessons at L’Ecole de Ski Internationale.
Avoid queues at the checkout counters and purchase your ski pass upon arrival at our ski-pass terminal directly at our office (in Valloire only).
If you have the opportunity, enjoy the great benefits of a stay in January: avoid queues at the lifts, the terraces crowded at lunch time, the terrible traffic jams on the roads on Saturdays. Also enjoy unique events such as the 6th stage of the Great Odyssey at La Plagne (the world’s most difficult dog sled race), the international snow and ice sculpture competitions in Valloire, or the Night Snow Trail in the 2 Alps. That’s not all, because starting in January, it is also and above all the insurance to benefit from really great rates on our homes!


sculpture sur neige valloire

Snow Sculpture contest Valloire


International snow sculpture contest Valloire

Valloire, a pretty Savoyard village resort, is organizing at the end of January the 2019 international snow and ice sculpture competitions!

Ice carving – From Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th January:

This year’s 28th edition, it is fascinating to see professionals bring their ice blocks to life and to observe every detail of each piece. The sculptures are presented in pedestrian area. The contest ends Friday at noon, the awards ceremony then takes place at 17:30, followed by a torchlight descent on the massif of Sétaz by the ski instructors of the resort and a fireworks display. During the contest period there are also canadian animations from Québec and every night hot mulled wine and hot chocolate.

Snow sculptures – From Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 January:

This is a unique moment not to be missed! Valloire is the only French winter sports resort to organize a snow sculpture competition. Artists from around the world are internationally renowned specialists. Valloire has been welcoming them for 36 years, during 4 days they will give birth to incredible ephemeral works: contemporary monumental sculptures. The results are really impressive, especially as night falls, they are highlighted by beautiful lighting games. Just like the ice sculpture contest, it ends on Friday at noon, the awards ceremony takes place at 17:30, followed by the traditional torchlight descent and a nice fireworks to close the event .

Your accommodation for the occasion:

Enjoy these two beautiful events while spending your stay in a superb accommodation.

Book a beautiful chalet or a charming apartment, which can accommodate from 6 to 16 people, at a more than reasonable rate. Indeed, outside school holidays, it is the ideal time to have access to dream accommodation at low prices. Contact us at and we will offer you a choice of accommodation adapted to your needs.

To facilitate your stay in the mountains we also offer partnerships for the rental of ski equipment: rent your equipment in advance and at the best price! skis, poles, snowboards, ski boots, our partners have all the equipment you need. Travel light and serenely!

A terminal package is also available at our agency (located in the heart of the village), it will allow you to buy your skipass in a few minutes upon arrival, and thus avoid the queue at checkouts.

So don’t wait too long, it is very soon: there are still some housing available for this season, otherwise think to book for the next season!

An Unforgettable Xmas in the mountains – Agence Mer & Montagne


Have an unforgettable Christmas in our resorts!

And yes, our winter resorts will do everything to make you spend an unforgettable Christmas holidays that you and your children will surely not forget.

This is the opportunity to spend your family Christmas Eve in the mountains, to combine winter sport and festivities.

On the program this year in La Plagne, in the heart of the Paradiski : clowns, fanfare, photo shoot with Santa, distribution of Christmas wrappers and beanies, creative workshops, release of balloons with messages to Santa Claus, torchlight descent, etc.

The Magic Christmas in Valloire family and authentic village in Maurienne offers many entertainment and shows: small Christmas market, giant snow sculpture of Santa Claus, ice sculpture shows, fireworks and many fairy shows!

The resort of Les 2 Alpes, a high-altitude resort in Isère, prepares an illuminated Christmas with luminous strolls and glittering animations.

Contact us and we will propose you a choice of accommodation corresponding to your expectations, offers adapted to your needs, to make your family holidays a unique moment.

Do not hesitate, indulge yourself by booking your magical week in a beautiful chalet or a charming apartment, which can accommodate from 6 to 16 people, ideal for large gathering !!

Wake up in a dream mindset, offer your children wonderful memories: snowmen, first gliding, tobogganing, etc …

To make your stay easier we also offer partnerships for ski and equipment rentals : rent your equipment in advance and at the best price! skis, poles, snowboards, ski boots, our partners have all the equipment you need.

Travel light and leave with peace of mind.

A ski pass machine is available for you in our office in Valloire allowing you to buy your skipass in a few minutes upon your arrival, and thus avoid queues at checkouts.

Our resorts are equipped with lifts and slopes suitable for skiers of all levels, but also and especially children. The different ski schools in each area are equipped with kindergartens to teach the little ones to ski in a secure environment.

So hurry up, there are still some accommodations available for this season, otherwise think of reserving for the next season !!

The snow is at our doorstep – Agence Mer et Montagne


The snow is at our doorstep – Agence Mer et Montagne

Sign that winter is approaching, a beautiful layer of fresh snow has come well invited on our beautiful french alps.

It is indeed autumn! The first snows begin to appear in the mountains. This morning, the resorts woke up under a fresh white cover. Snowfall that makes us want to put on the skis … even if we will have to wait a little longer!

Well appreciated this morning (October 30) a beautiful white colour  in the resorts center like here in Valloire where the sun came to invite to this festival of colors. Between the winter white and the mixture of autumnal colors.

Residents of the resorts are beginning to prepare for the reception of tourists in ski resorts for official openings in a few weeks. A winter that seems to be desired before the hour and that lets us predict beautiful snow falls for the opening before the end of the year holidays.

It’s time to rent a chalet in the mountains with

Valloire Galibier

Your Ski Holidays in Valloire – Chalets Rental – Agence Mer & Montagne


Your Ski Holidays in Valloire – Chalets Rental – Agence Mer et Montagne

Want to go skiing this winter season?

Take advantage of your time off to go on ski holidays in Valloire located in the Northern French Alps, Savoie.

This is the perfect time to enjoy time among family or friends. Going skiing is truly a unique moment to live once every year. Valloire is a ski resort that offers multiple accommodation and activity solutions.

Before you go skiing in Valloire you can book your apartment and a la carte services such as ski equipment or ski passes to take the ski lifts … The ski resort of Valloire offers many activities : Ski cross, Family Zone, Dog sled ride, Airbag, Speed ​​riding …

Your Holiday Rental in Valloire.

For your rental of chalet or high standard apartment in the resort, you will enjoy booking your stay with L’Agence Mer & Montagne which offers a wide selection of premium properties in the village associated with a comfortable Concierge service to enjoy your stay to the maximum during this winter.

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