WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores


WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores

Approaching to the end of this winter season, we can already confirm that the figures are breaking records in ski resorts.


After a complicated COVID period, here is finally a positive winter report for 2021/2022 for all the ski resorts, despite the sanitary crisis being still here all over the territory.

Following a very difficult 2020-2021 winter season for mountain tourism professionals, due in particular to the closure of ski lifts, it is finally a winter season that seems to be very satisfaying even if some figures differ depending on the resorts and type of customers.

An intense start overall

WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores 6


Despite the introduction of the health pass and the obligation to wear a mask, this did not prevent visitors from going to our French ski resorts to enjoy the snow. Obviously, we felt a strong enthusiasm for skiing and the desire to go on a trip to the mountains to take a breath of fresh air.

The weeks of Christmas and New Year both reached attendance records, considered exceptional by professionals from the sector. Moreover, the first week of January on the Belgian and Dutch holidays calendar comes in addition, allowing resorts to take advantage of an extra week with a high occupancy rate.

On the other hand, the absence of British customers due to the closing of the borders at the start of the year had a major impact on the attendance results for some resorts where they are usually very present.

February holidays meet expectations for the alpine sector

All the mountain resorts took advantage of the four weeks of school holidays to reload, despite the sanitary conditions.

Attendance by zone was quite balanced despite a small snow cover depending on the location : thus, the Northern Alps recorded an occupancy rate of accommodation of 87%, the Southern Alps of 84% and the Pyrenees of 83%.

Same observation depending on the altitude of the resorts : those located above 1300 meters were occupied at 87%. And if those located between 630 and 1250 meters are slightly lower (83% occupancy), they are the ones that have recorded the strongest increase (+6%) compared to the 2019-2020 season.

The month of February and the school holidays represent a high point in the winter season. For some resorts, this holiday period can represent almost 50% of their income. A period that is all the more strategic for the resorts because the four weeks of vacation were particularly well balanced this winter between the French zones the ones of foreign customers.


WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores 7


A favorable zoning has made it possible to maximise tourist numbers from all countries, allowing occupancy to be smoothed over the whole of winter season and thus avoiding the concentration over one or two weeks usually observed in these holiday times.

For Jean-Luc BOCH, President of the ’ANMSM: “The French, but also foreign customers, once again favored the mountains for their winter holidays, despite a health situation that was not stabilized“.

It’s a huge breath of fresh air for the entire mountain ecosystem. The rest of the season, and in particular the Spring holidays, remains for the moment still uncertain in view of the news, with for the moment a delay in reservations, in particular concerning international customers.

“We found that visitors were there, but the conversion rate from overnight stays to ski days is lower. People came and enrolled their children in ski schools, but they didn’t necessarily ski. We have also broken attendance records for sled. Is it a new clientele discovering the mountains? Are we at the beginning of new trends? »


WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores 8


An auspicious end to the season

Without prejudging the evolution of the international context, the next periods until the end of the season are emerging in a very encouraging way.

The month of March is rather promising overall with a slowdown over the last week. The month of April and the spring holidays already show an increase of 7% compared to a normal winter.

Even if overall tourist consumption in the mountains was supported by alpine skiing, which remains the No. 1 activity during the winter holidays, which concentrates 36% of skier days. In general, according to data from the Syndicat national des moniteurs de ski français, online sales of ski lessons for the whole season increased by 11% compared to the 2019-2020 season, says the ANMSM..

Discovering the mountain without ski lifts last year allowed customers to discover many other activities.

Thus, these “non-skiing” activities, such as snowshoeing, walking and dog sledding have thus mainly announced an increase compared to the 2019-2020 season.


WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores 9


Finally, for the skiers’ pleasure, this winter season was launched, with a batch of twists and turns, but the clientele was loyal and still present on the slopes to gear up despite small snowfalls, the closures of borders, the COVID pass, the rising energy costs, and now very recent Ukraine and Russia crisis.

As for French tourism professionals, they were able, despite the economic situation, to recover as best as they could from the dark season experienced last year.

Today, the entire tourism sector already has its eyes looking at next season, obviously hoping to continue this year’s good optimism.


WINTER 2022 : a season reaching top scores 10


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Covid 19 sanitary crisis: How will start the ski season ?





Following the speech of the French Republic President announcing the new re-containment measures, the high-altitude resorts had to be quickly closed, some of which were freshly opened.

The glaciers of Tignes and the one of Les 2 Alpes had to close their doors without even waiting for the end of the he autumn holidays, despite excellent snow conditions.

For the others that had already scheduled their opening in mid-November or at the end of the month, like Val-d’Isère, they will not be able to open as initially planned.

New measures which are therefore already affecting some resorts and which will not be without consequences.

In this already complicated situation, the big question is whether or not our ski resorts will be able to open by the Christmas school holidays.

Added to this is the fact that no restaurants will be able to open before January 15th. A problematic situation for many mountain professionals, including altitude restaurants.

Ouverture Stations Et Covid


It’s hard to know when and how the resorts will be allowed to open.

As our government has announced, the lockdown will last at least until December 1st. The authorities must acknowledge the situation every 15 days in order to adapt health measures according to the evolution of the virus.

It is all French resorts, 350 in total, which intend to be open at the start of the Christmas holidays : from Saturday 19th of December, only three weeks after the supposed end of this second confinement.

It is therefore very complicated, in this context, to know exactly how the winter season will unfold. Authorities fear that an influx of tourists added to ski accidents and trauma will overwhelm hospitals.

Monday, November 23, Matignon says after a videoconference meeting between the Prime Minister, professionals and elected officials of the sector, that the opening of winter sports resorts will finally be announced in ten days.

Despite this significant lack of visibility, overall our ski resorts still show maximum optimism on their websites or on social medias. Even if the uncertainty present, we feel that our French resorts want to maintain hope of being able to welcome holiday visitors for the festive season and ideally for the whole winter.

All those who live in the mountains have, for the moment, the only certainty that an extension of this confinement, or even worse, the resort’s closure would be truly deplorable.

In any case, they will do the maximum to welcome their tourists in accordance with health rules and all of their economical actors are easing their reservation and reimbursement conditions as much as possible.


A health protocol for the winter season is setting up: wearing a mask in the shuttles, in the ski lifts and in queues, disinfection of rental equipment, accommodation, etc.

France Montagnes* website gives more details about all of these measures :

It is the same kind of protocol as in cities, people are already used to it and, generally, play by the rules.

Regarding the disinfection of your home, you can trust your host to guarantee your safety and minimize the risk of contamination as much as possible.

National accommodation providers have implemented strict health protocols. Real estate agencies, for their part, work in accordance with national health security recommendations and are attentive to the cleaning and disinfection of housing. Finally, individuals hosts are assisted by receiving instructions through a document containing the entire cleaning and disinfection protocols.

* France Montagnes is the association bringing together the main economical actors in mountain tourism in France in order to promote the destination and its benefits nationally and internationally.

Ouverture Stations Et Covid


A large majority of accommodation providers, like this summer, quickly adapted to the health crisis by offering the possibility of canceling their stay for free.

Many offer free cancellation until the day before their stay, obviously related to Covid-19 and justified (confinement, administrative travel limits, etc.).

It seems that is also the case for ski passes and for ski lessons.

Even though a lot of effort is being made to adapt the cancellation policies and they are generally very reassuring, however, we strongly recommend that you review the details of the terms of your engagements before validating any reservation.


The challenge is huge: 120,000 direct jobs depend on the opening of ski resorts and are currently at stake.

To this uncertain situation is added the worrying exponential number of cancellations of snow classes recorded in holiday centers. Some of these centers are currently without reservations and do not know if they will be able to open.

Whatever the case, the winter will be difficult, we should already expect the absence of our foreign customers, knowing that they represent around 30% of the customers of French resorts.

Forecasts following this loss of foreign tourist clientele highlight the need to conquer the French for the coming winter, as we had succeeded in doing this summer. So to help us stay positive, let’s not forget that the 2020 mountain summer season ended with increased attendance compared to 2019.

While waiting for the situation to evolve and the announcement of new government measures, we must prepare for the explosion of last-minute bookings.

Despite everything, the resorts can count on a rather loyal local and French customer base, and above all in great need of space and fresh air. Customers are somewhat reassured by the flexibility of the refund and cancellation conditions that are in place.

Ouverture Stations Et Covid


Take the time to contact us if you have any questions regarding our conditions, our team is here to answer you. We have done everything to ensure that you have a safe holiday, so why miss out on a great ski vacation and a good dose of the outdoors?

Consult our various luxury chalets and apartments for rent in just a few clicks on our website : or directly on our booking platform:

We are here to help you find the accommodation you need to ensure you have a great vacation despite the situation.

Thanks to our partnership with SPORT 2000 you can also book your ski and snowboard equipment directly on the Agence Montagne platform to be more relaxed on your arrival.

Also note that our catering partner in Valloire offers you the delivery of a Savoyard formula, ideal for example, to enjoy a typical meal on the evening of your arrival and share a moment of conviviality at home in peace.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon to the heart of our beautiful Alpine highlands.

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2020: An unpredictable year for mountain resorts


2020: An unpredictable year for mountain resorts


hiver valloire ski

The 2019-2020 winter season in our Alpine resorts began with fluctuating snowfalls, but the few episodes throughout the winter made it possible to keep the snowpack comfortable. Our holidaymakers were able to appreciate a qualitative snow all season long.

In addition to the happiness of our tourists, the sun was very present which heralded an extremely promising season: 2019/2020 could have been the season of all records.

Unfortunately, these good results have to be weighed due to the brutal announcement of the COVID-19 epidemic. Following this, the implementation of general lockdown caused the early closure of the resorts on March 15.

The season, shortened by about a month, has not seen the end of season clientele enjoying the beautiful late winter snow and the amazing weather.

Thus, the health crisis had a very heavy impact on all French ski resorts. The majority of them observed significant losses in turnover, ie – 16% of attendance on average.

In this complicated global climate, the economic actors of the mountain resorts had a major fear for the following summer season. In fact, France was stuck into worrying economic uncertainty which could have had an undesirable effect on summer tourist frequentation.


Despite the special conditions in the context of the pandemic, the Mountain atmosphere did well with the media coverage, promising for the summer large spaces and a big breath of fresh air with a multitude of activities for all. Despite last-minute bookings, summer attendance was exceptional and some mountain resorts even reached records.

After a long period of confinement followed by scorching temperatures, the altitude and the great outdoors were therefore very successful.

In August, the occupancy rate of mountain resorts stood at +3.8 points compared to last year on the same date, announced the National Association of Resort Mayors.

Location Montagne

With the fear of border closures, the reduction international transport, the sanitary instructions and the economic difficulties that follow, it is obvious that French people have favored local tourism and national travel.

The mountains are therefore the winning summer destination: the fresh air and rising temperatures have convinced French holidaymakers to change their habits by going away from crowded seaside resorts and scorching weather.

It must be said that the mountains and their wide open spaces have something appealing : nights are almost always cool, the breathtaking views and a lot of summer activities to offer. The choice of a mountain destination is also judicious to escape the hot weather without giving up the benefits of the sun and vitamin D !

Vue Montagne La Plagne

We usually tend to associate the mountains with winter vacations (skiing, snow and raclette, etc.), yet it is a completely suitable destination for summer stays.

A summer mountain getaway is an opportunity to enjoy the peace, to recharge your batteries and to awaken your five senses.

While the pandemic has had major economic repercussions, one of the other advantages of summer mountain vacations is being able to go away at affordable costs. Some activities are obviously to be paid, but remain much more reasonable than winter activities in general and the rates for accommodation in summer are more affordable than on the sea coast.

The average cost of a stay in the mountains in summer is thus estimated as half the price of that spent in a seaside resort, for the same number of people and number of days.


Vacances Ski Agence Mer Montagne  Ski Hiver Agence Mer Montagne

The 2020/2021 winter season is already here for us, and for you too by the way as the booking calendars are now open ! Get a head start by securing your accommodation in your favorite resort now before it’s too late!

Are you already thinking of snow-capped peaks and still dreaming of riding the slopes on skis or snowboards?

Have you just returned home from summer holidays and already looking forward to winter and snow vacations ?

Start planning your ski vacation for this winter, whether it’s Christmas, New Year, the start of the year or the end of the season. It is high time to book your next ski holiday in our ski resorts like Valloire, La Plagne, Les 2 Alpes … etc.

Who has never dreamed of spending the holiday season under the snow?

Now is the time to make it true, but beware these periods are more and more popular with holidaymakers.

You want to start the year on a good basis and especially on skis, then think about passing by our website and don’t forget to check availability in January, it’s one of the best time of the year to ski on fresh snow: the slopes are less saturated and the prices really attractive.

Spring is also an ideal period: the sun is shining, the snow is still very good and the terraces are ready to welcome you.

Our agency offers a nice selection of luxury chalets or apartments in its heart resorts:
La Plagne-Paradiski, Valloire-Galibier, Les Deux Alpes, l’Alpe d’Huez, La Rosière and Val d’Isère.


val d'sereles 2 alpesla plagne

Whether or not there are many of you, we have the accommodation you need ! If you have questions about one of them or about a resort, our team knows perfectly all rentals and will be able to answer you on any details you would need.

Visit our online booking plateform and see all our available accommodations:

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We’re here to help you find the accommodations you need to make your vacation unforgettable.

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velo galiber




Located at the foot of Galibier in Maurienne, The resort village of Valloire offers plenty of activities in order to fully enjoy nature, mountains and fresh air

It is between two mountain passes made famous by cycling, the Telegraph and the Galibier, that you will find a charming village surrounded by majestic mountains. Located at an altitude of 1450m, we discover a village clinging to history preserving its cultural heritage, offering tourists a warm welcome and offering everyone a multitude of outdoor activities.

Summer in Valloire is obviously the famous competition of sculpture on straw and hay, impressive by their sizes and for the quality of realization executed by these artists coming from the four corners of France!

Key landscape in Valloire, each year the Col du Galibier attracts thousands of cyclists who come to climb the many bends of this emblematic pass which culminate at an altitude of 2642m. Crossing point between Savoy and Hautes-Alpes, you can go up there in a sport version or in a relax version equipped with electric assistance.
In addition, it offers all mountain lovers hiking trails and breathtaking views of the valleys.

Valloire on a bike

There is biking for everyone, ascent of the Col du Galibier, on an electric bike, by road bike or downhill from the 33km of slopes at the Crey du Quart Bike Park.


La Maurienne is the ultimate cycling region: the great prestige passes, Iseran, Madeleine, Galibier … are accessible from Valloire. Over the years, the Galibier has become the Grail of the Tour de France in the Alps, with many passages to its credit (nearly 33 since 1947). Structured accommodation for the reception of this specific clientele (garage, equipment for maintenance, stays for amateur cyclists), mornings reserved exclusively for the circulation of bicycles, charging stations for electric vehicles everything is done so that Valloire is a paradise for cyclists.


On Thursdays July 23rd and August 20th, 2020, the road leading to the Col du Galibier will be closed to motor vehicles from Plan Lachat from 8h to 11h for a climb challenge. Cyclists from all over the country, amateurs, professionals, or simply curious to discover this emblematic pass, all will set off to reach the summit. With family, friends, solo and even by electric bike … The challenge is for everyone …!

velo valloire


Accessible from the Crêt de la Brive cable car or the Lac de la Vieille chairlift, this playground, approved by the French Cycling Federation, includes 33 km of groomed trails and 11 marked trails. What satisfy the desires of the most athletic bikers as well as families.
Prices: From 45 € per day the rental of AE mountain bikes in the resort’s sports shops. From € 14 per day, ascent and descent by cable car.

velo descente montagne

Valloire by feet

Via ferrata, family hikes, hikes accompanied by llamas, Valloire offers a fabulous playground for hiking at all ages!


Climbing a via ferrata is like playing mountain goat in the cliffs in a secure way thanks to a system of rungs and cables hung on the mountainside. Valloire offers 2 Via-Ferrata, one more intended for children and parents who can climb the via ferrata of Poingt Ravier. For experts, the Via-Ferrata of Rocher Saint-Pierre will offer thrills with its walkways and suspension bridges.
Prices : From 39€/pers. including gears
Infos : Guides Office – 06 99 96 41 87 –


Like in a postcard between Galibier, Aiguilles d ‘Arves and Crey Rond, you will find endless hiking trails. With 133km of slopes, you will discover magnificent places accessible to all. These trails will offer you a flora and fauna that you will not regret to discover and will invite all senses of yours to travel. Fabulous smells, breathtaking views, a soft and pleasant nature, you will appreciate the relaxation that the mountain brings you.
Each half-day half-day outings are offered at the start of the week, giving access to more engaging hikes reaching the altitude of 3000m at the end of the week. Find out …
Prices : From 32€/pers per day, picnic included.
Infos : Rando Montagne – – 06 88 59 71 81 / 06 61 89 35 09


An accessible, easy and family hike of 1.5 hours from Plan Lachat, from the foot of the Galibier, you will find yourself in front of breathtaking landscapes. A pleasant climb passing through the Rochilles camp, a military camp full of history and you will arrive on lakes ranging in color from turquoise to green. Plan a picnic to enjoy the day up there and wait for the sunset over the Aiguilles d’Arves …


Adorable and so nice, lamas are a great way to make children walk with a smile! An original and unforgettable alternative that will allow families to discover the mountain in a different way. 4 outings are offered by Gilles Tosca, guardian protector and passionate about these South American animals: half-day in the middle of the alpine pastures, a day-long with our friends the lamas to carry the breakage – homemade crust, as an aperitif storytelling in the yurt of the combe St Pierre for stories that make us travel very far or during gourmet evenings to discover under the stars local gastronomy.
Price :  From 30 €/pers. per day
Infos :

montagne en été

Valloire, energise yourself

Ziplines to fly above the lakes, Catapult ’and Big Air Bag in a unique place, Mountain Kart on the slopes, everything is there to fill up on thrills.


Located in the heart of the village, the new pumptrack welcomes everyone by bike, but also on trotinettes, roller skates or even skateboards, the pump-track is a set of 3 circuits of increasing difficulty (green-blue-red). Consisting of several consecutive bumps and raised turns, it allows everyone to play with the terrain to discover new sliding sensations without the need to pedal! The Valloire pumptrack is 240m of runs (60m of green, 84m of blue and 96m of red) with a common starting area, and 20m of dual line on two levels.
Open everyday  from 9am to 9pm. Free of charge
Infos :


Two ziplines allow you to fly in a fun way above the Lac de la Vieille at almost 2300m above sea level !
Prices :  From 4€ per round
Infos : SEM Valloire – 04 79 59 03 90 et


3, 2, 1 … your are off the air ! These 2 fun activities are open to children from 6 years old (or over 20 kg) Installed in a unique place, at the top of the cable car of the Brive, the Catapult ‘is part of the Sea space, which also includes a Big Air Bag.

Prices : From 8€ per jump for the Catapult’ + From 3,50€ the Big Air Bag with giant tubes.


Hit the tracks of the Crey du Quart at high speed at the steering wheel of the Mountain Karts, equipped with a helmet, you will love the feeling of speed a few centimetres from the ground, especially in those magnificent landscapes. An activity reserved for the most intrepid !
Prices :  From 10€
Infos : SEM Valloire – 04 79 59 03 90 et

la montagne en été valloire galibier

Valloire, the authenticity of a village

Local brewery, culinary specialties, outings in the mountain pastures … This summer, more than ever Valloire offers you to explore its heritage.


White, blonde, amber … Galibier craft beers are brewed here in Valloire, at an altitude of 1,430m, exclusively with water from the Clapière Glacier. The team brews modern, original and diverse beers. Proof of exceptional expertise, the brewery is frequently rewarded in national and international competitions. Direct sale, tasting at the Brasserie every day (except Sunday) from 4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Infos :06 26 23 83 24 ou 06 77 10 06 81


In the various restaurants of Valloire you will find regional products and menus worked around seasonal products. The resort offers various tables to taste the legendary Fondue, Tartiflette or Raclette but also local specialties like diot de Valloire, this sausage, rustic at will, whose stuffing consists of pork, beef and vegetables is the emblematic dish of Valloire. It’s up to you to meet the different restaurateurs and discover their secrets!

More information on Valloire on our page :

Book your unforgettable stay in Valloire with our agency :

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Real Estate visits authorised over 100KM and restart of Real Estate economy


Real Estate can finally resume its activity with the French people

Possible trips for a Real Estate visit over 100KM

The government has decided to re-authorize property visits throughout France. An opportunity for real estate agencies.

It is now possible for the French people to move further than the 100KM currently authorised, whether it would be for a purchase or a rental when they cannot be carried over. The opportunity for French real estate players to get back to work and restart their activity.

In order to allow the French people to resume their real estate projects and encourage the resumption of activity in the sector, property moves and property visits outside of their departments and more than 100 km from their home residence are now authorised. Decree No. 2020-604, published on May 21, 2020 in the Official Journal, specifies these two new derogations from the principle of prohibiting the movement of people over 100 kilometers outside their department of residence.

A new certificate model will soon be online and will specify the supporting documents to be provided in order to be able to make these trips.

Property moves also to be resumed

For people moving on their own, they must have a travel certificate if the move takes them to another department and beyond a distance of 100 km from their initial residence. This derogatory certificate will soon be available on the net.

Note that in the case of a move or a visit to his department and less than 100 km from the initial residence, no certificate is necessary.

Statistiques Agence Mer Montagne

The restart of real estate market after deconfinement?

After a gradual recovery of construction sites in new real estate, it is the turn of the second hand market to raise the head as the deconfinement becomes clearer.

Many players in real estate have reviewed their organisation during the lockdown period like other sectors elsewhere, the time is for innovation and digitalisation. Thanks to the internet, the agencies were able to follow up their client : answer clients’ questions, follow up their files, reassure them, make the link with notaries or banks that are sometimes difficult to reach. Mails, calls and videoconferences made it possible to ensure follow-up and therefore to resume activity smoothly at the end of the confinement.

Finally, it will now be necessary to finalize operations quickly, especially since the retractions have been relatively few as can be noticed by some major French real estate brands. Concerning the legal deadlines, a first framework had been fixed by ordinance to extend them. Given the extension of the state of health emergency by two months, an additional text should be adopted in the coming days so as not to extend them further.

Following this economic fall, what is the horizon for 2020?

The real estate market is not expected to collapse in the mid term. In this context of health and economic uncertainties, 68% of individuals with a real estate project think that stone is still the safest investment today.

Diamant Des Neiges

For the moment, it is a solid market as reported by Laforet Real Estate Agencies, there are 10 buyers for a seller in France and 90 buyers for a seller in Paris. Even if demand were to drop significantly, the market would still remain very unbalanced in favor of the sellers.

An additional signal of market resistance, has observed a gradual recovery by the sellers with regard to the number of estimates since the announcement of the end date of lockdown. The recovery of the real estate market will mainly depend on a global economic recovery and also the ability to have access to bank loans.

Dessin Agence Mer Et Montagne

What about prices?

It is too early to notice a change in property prices. For example at Agence Mer et Montagne, when a property is put up for sale on the website, tools are used to trace the reaction of potential buyers – number of clicks, requests for information, visits… For mountain properties, it will only be after a month and a half that we will be able to compare the statistics of these indicators with related or equivalent properties that were on sale before confinement. After this period of time, we we will be able to notice if the property has been put at the right price or if it is better to revise it down.
Indeed, the economic recovery and more generally the resumption of “normal life” for all French people will take some time. With the attraction of the mountain sector for the summer of 2020, this will surely give a boost to the heart of high-end real estate.

Agence immobilière Valloire


chalet les clots location valloire

Home Staging : A real value for your property


Give a new start to your property

Home Staging a real asset to improve your rent or sale

Our real estate agency in Valloire offers a complete Home Staging service to enhance your accommodation. A very positive solution that suits all budgets in order to attract new customers whether for rental or considering a sale.

Renovate, redecorate, home staging allows a real “fresh blow” by different means and highlight the qualities of your property to give it a cachet with current trends.

Alicia, our Home Staging expert, can provide you with the advice you need for your project and support you in the process. With more than 10 years of experience in renovation and home staging in town and in the surrounding area, she will be able to guide you on your aesthetic choices and the planning of your work with her quality artisan contacts.

Home Staging has been developed in France since 2008 and is proving to be a real selling advantage and aims to attract the attention of the potential buyers. You should know that a potential buyer (rental or sale) makes his decision during a site visit in the first 90 seconds and brings interest to an agency display or internet ad in 20 seconds.
Home Staging will allow the client to feel at ease in a healthy, warm, reassuring and above all positive atmosphere, which is why it is important to understand that the client must feel not at your home but potentially at his.

In addition to helping the clients to project themselves, it will simply boost your property on the market. Thanks to home staging, photos of your property will have more impact on future buyers. It is therefore important to work on the aesthetics of the property but also on the quality of the photos, which are just as significant.

Implementing Home Staging can be time consuming and can represent a budget if the project is not well studied, which is why having the support of professional team is important.

First, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you as he is constantly in contact with potential customers, therefore he will be able to guide you on the relevant choices for the clean up and refurbishment of your property.

For example, if during the visit customers enter a busy, personalised and untidy space, they will not be able to imagine themselves in there. It is often difficult for owners to step back and realise that their tastes may not be everyone’s. Once again your real estate agent or home stager can assist you in this situation by being a neutral element to your property. Indeed, being often in contact with buyers or renters and also of the various properties, he will therefore have the knowledge of what people are and are not looking for with an objective vision, his advice is therefore always good to take.

Remember: It is important that when a customer enters your home, they feel at theirs in a second.

In short, a tidy interior space will visually enlarge the volumes and clear the perspectives in addition to giving a healthy and comfy atmosphere.

White Wooden Cupboards

Clear Glass Top Table Near Flat Screen Television

Simple decoration and make it neutral

This will make it easier for future buyers to project themselves. Putting away some of your decorative items will depersonalise your interior while letting the potential buyers project themselves with their own tastes. It is the same with the decoration, keep it simple but in the theme of your environment, for example if you are in the mountains, no need to put frames of New York or photos of Paris on the walls, the potential renters or buyers will feel better if they see frames of fauna and flora or pictures of mountains in wooden frames, it is obviously more “local”.

Each property has potential but it is not necessarily optimised as it should be, your real estate agent will help you in these steps.

Home Staging Cuisine

Home Staging Valloire

Arranging your property : make it ready for sale or rental.

A home stager will be able to draw the profile of buyers or renters who might be interested in your property, he will also be able to estimate the added value that you could achieve based on the refurbishment that you would put in place. A real asset to properly target your renovation return on investment.

He will guide you on your choices, for example, whether to prefer a shower over the bath, transform a storage space into a sleeping area, prefer to transform an office on the ground floor into a room for seniors, visually enlarge the lounge area for a large family. Also what materials to use for rent in order to protect your accommodation from wear and tear over the long term, it will undeniably be the right contact to transform your property also by taking into account current trends.

Visuel D Home Staging

Visuel D Home Staging

The right advice for choosing your craftsmen

When you are not a building or renovation expert, it is sometimes complicated to find or surround yourself with the right people to carry out the renovation of your property. Between unscrupulous artisans and those who are not following up … it can quickly become tricky and a nightmare.
The real estate agent or home stager you trust can help you move forward in your project with serenity thanks to his address book and the professionals with whom he is used to working. In addition, he will be able to follow up with the work done and ensure for you that everything is going smoothly and under the best conditions.

You can contact Alicia at the Agence Mer et Montagne Valloire who will take the time to advise you and support you in your projects to improve the rental yield of your property or simply put it on sale under the best conditions .

Contact our Real Estate Agency in Valloire we are here in order for you to successfully carry out your altitude projects.

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The consequences of COVID-19 on summer holidays



The mountain, summer paradise


  • 99% of professionals believe that the French will fly less and will stay in France, even in an ultra local environment this summer.
  • 71% of professionals believe that the presence of foreigners should decrease significantly over the coming months.
  • 61% of French people who postpone their trips abroad towards a local trip in France this summer are interested in visiting the mountains according to a recent survey. Even if the seaside coast remains ahead with 76% and the countryside behind with 58%, the mountain is gaining success in the French minds and its wide open spaces are gaining market share facing competition.
  • 40 billion is the loss of French tourism per quarter during this crisis announces the world tourism organization. As the world’s leading tourist destination, France is primarily affected by this crisis. A loss of revenue from the tourism sector (including outside international) of around 40 billion euros over three months. For information the sector generates for all french territories about 170 billion euros each year of tourism turnover, between international and French tourists.
  • The weight of summer before Covid-19: with more than 100 million merchant nights, the mountain is the second area frequented by the French from June to September.
  • Professionals in the tourism sector estimate that the crisis will have a 40% impact on their turnover. In the mountains, operators lost the end of the winter season and the Easter holidays representing 5 to 10% of turnover according to professionals.

trip in the mountains

The mountains, the place to be, easy access for all

Geographically mountain access for French people is quite simple. Most have a altitude destination near their home, so the escape is a maximum of 3 hours’ drive.
Economically the average expense of mountain stays in summer is around € 344 per stay per person.
Sportively the mountain offers 95% of its outdoor activities, activities open to everyone, between walking, cycling or other outdoor activities. (climbing, rafting, etc.)
90% of visitors in the mountains over summer come from France or nearby regions, so the mountains has already a good clientele of national customers who will surely be there this summer. On the other hand, some resorts like Chamonix are afraid of the future with normally 50% of foreign customers visiting each summer season.


The mountain must play its best cards this summer, no need to show the big game with all the panoply of last generation activities. Tourist resorts must highlight their best asset… Nature. The root activities will find their place back, hiking, picnic by the lake, contemplate the flora and fauna, tour of the regional massifs and participate to local activities and culture, in short the return to basics with a big breath of fresh air.

At a time when composing a summer vacation seems complicated, mountain tourism players are keen to do what is necessary to position their Alpine massifs in pole position for French destination this summer.

Accommodation in the mountains will also be the one with the highest capacity. Second homes represent 70% of the beds. A capacity generally stretched in winter during school holidays but not very optimised and used in summer. The resorts therefore offer a large capacity to accommodate tourism in summer with various accommodation offers such as apartments, chalets, camping or even in altitude huts.
The question of the rules regarding the distancing linked to the Coronavirus in certain cases of accommodation such as inns, shelters or summer camps remains unclear and the directives remain pending.

This summer, the situation could be favorable for the postponement of the holidays and could in fact spread the season over September. Many mountain communities have been looking for a long time for how to increase the season periods and in particular the summer season, it may be that tourism players are brainwashing themselves to ensure loyalty of local customers and ultimately gain in attendance in September and why not in October.

An opportunity to establish summers over 3 or 4 months, think about the diversification of the offer and activities in the mountains, develop school reception, seminars … In short! as everyone noticed during this complicated period, everyone finds new ideas, innovates, reinvents and tries to act with the constraints imposed.
Why not take advantage of these moments to reflect on the establishment of new trends for the future of mountain tourism?

Finally, the holidays come in third position of the French projects after visiting family or friends and consuming. It’s also 6 out of 10 French people who are likely to leave, but 2/3 remain to be convinced.
In the meantime, reservations are shy for most players, large or small, the trend for this summer will be more on last minute reservations, which will be expected in June. However when the sea shows -50% of filling whereas usually the reservations jostle, the alpine sector has all the chances on its side.

randonnée à valloire


This summer, the situation could be favorable for the postponement of the holidays and could in fact spread the season over September. Many mountain resorts have been looking for a long time how to extend the seasons and in particular the summer season, local professionals should take advantage of the situation to brainstorm and find solutions to ensure customers’ loyalty in order to increase business in September and why not in October.

An opportunity to establish summers over 3 or 4 months by finding diversification of the offer and activities, developing school hosting, seminars … In short ! as everyone noticed during this complicated period, everyone finds new ideas, innovates, reinvents and tries to cope with the constraints imposed.
Why not take advantage of the crisis to set new trends for the future of mountain tourism ?

Finally, holidays come in third position of French people projects after visiting family or friends and purchasing. It’s also 6 out of 10 French people who are likely to go on holidays, but 2/3 remain to be convinced.
In the meantime, reservations are very shy for most tourism players, large or small, the trend for this summer will be more on a last minute basis, bookings will be expected in June. However when the summer seaside tourism trend shows -50% of occupancy the it should be booming, the alpine sector seems to have all chances on its side.

Agence immobilière Valloire

montagne en été

Covid-19 Lockdown exit, mountains are calling


Deconfinement… a desire for fresh air in the mountains

The altitude resorts are in the spotlight for the next trips of French people

The coronavirus facing tourism

In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, there are many uncertainties about the organisation of future vacations. Border closures, reduction of transports, compliance with health regulations, for sure the French will favour tourism and national travel, but in which sector, coastal or alpine?

The certainty of not being able to travel abroad in the coming months seems to be confirmed. “This is not the time to buy a ticket to go to the other side of the planet,” confirmed the Minister of Transport, words confirmed by the Minister of Health who claims that major international mobility has not place for leisure in an epidemic, or post-epidemic, or post-pandemic period.

Consequently, tourism this summer will remain FRENCH. The French people will be recommended to take advantage of their beautiful country for the next holidays, which will help the tourism sector. Furthermore, France has so much to offer in terms of culture, landscapes and gastronomy, tourists should be glad to rediscover their country.

France is not the only one to bet on its own people to restart the national economy and especially tourism in summer. Italy and Spain currently plan to keep their borders closed in order to minimize the risks.

Going to the mountains, best way to get energized !

To forget the bad times of the Covid-19, the confinement between four walls in the city and the lack of space, the mountain could be this year the favorite destination of holidaymakers in lack of activities and in need of fresh air.

The French Alps with its 300 altitude or mid-mountain resorts could offer everything the French people need to get out of this heavy confinement. Large spaces, nature and fresh air seem to be the remedy for the anxiety of these last months.

Beautiful hikes or bike rides on the alpine trails would make it easy to not meet anyone and avoid any contamination. In addition, a stay in the Mountains costs much less on average than a stay in the major seaside resorts during the summer period, a compromise that should be in every holidaymakers’ mind.

Indeed on the seaside it seems to be a little more complicated with beaches generally taken over by vacationers, so it seems difficult to keep social distance during the next holidays on the coast. A parameter that many tourists may have in mind when planning their stay. The authorities, for their part, will surely have to impose drastic measures so that health rules are respected in places that are sometimes crowded.

So will summer 2020 be a mountain summer ? This seems more and more likely even if all the actors of mountain tourism remain for the moment in expectation of government decisions to start boosting their marketing and preparation as soon as the lockdown ends.

summer in the mountains


Hiking, swimming in the lakes, climbing, paragliding, but also visiting the surrounding villages, discovering the local culture or gastronomy: All resorts, large and small, high or medium altitude, compete for the best offer against the seaside resorts .

Here are some assets that we put in the foreground concerning our beautiful mountains:

  1. Large spaces
  2. Air freshness
  3. Omnipresent nature
  4. The discovery of a very rich nature
  5. The wealth of culture
  6. A destination with easy access
  7. Low-cost accommodation
  8. The number of possible activities
  9. Calm and tranquility
  10. Local gastronomy

Also check our article on Mountain in Summer

trip in the mountains

Which resort to choose ?

Please visit our “resorts” section to learn a little more about our alpine favourite resorts, there is obviously something for everyone, for exemple Valloire with its legendary Col du Galibier and its 130km of trails or La Plagne with its “Mountain of activities” or the 2 Alps with its summer skiing,  you will probably find the place you need.

We offer in the “Holiday Rentals” section a selection of quality chalets and apartments to spend an unforgettable moment in the the most breathtaking destinations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we know all of the accommodation we offer.

For people who have never tried a mountain trip, it therefore seems that the time has come for you to try it out, you will see the mountain has a multitude of surprises to offer you!

Investir en montagne

Real Estate buying properties in the Mountains


Real Estate: Investing in the Mountains

Mountain real estate, a safe haven for your investments. If some prices are high in the famous resorts, the Alps also reserve great deals.

With the environmental questions that we are asking ourselves like global warming and the reduction of snow falls, is it a good solution to invest in the Alps ?

In view of the number of people recorded in ski resorts during winter 2020, there are always people in the mountains. It would seem that investors and vacationers will not leave the mountain for nothing in the world despite the current COVID-19 crisis that hit France in March 2020 and which ended the winter season earlier than expected.

So how will mountain real estate be in the coming years?

High mountain resorts such as those of the Three Valleys (Courchevel, Méribel, Val-Thorens, Les Ménuires), Paradiski (Les Arcs, La Plagne, Peisey Vallandry) or Espace Killy (Tignes, Val d’Isère) are still seeing good days ahead. Property development is on the rise and property candidates, French, but also many foreigners are jostling there. Despite a high real estate offer with prices per sqm ranging from € 7,000 to € 20,000 for new programs, real estate quickly finds buyers.

Booming resorts also like La Rosière are on the rise. Located in the heart of the Haute-Tarentaise, at 1850m above sea level, La Rosière also nicknamed “Le Balcon de la Tarentaise” offers a breathtaking view with a southern exposure on the mountains.
Linked to La Thuile in Italy, La Rosière is also the only resort in Savoie to offer an international ski area with 152 km of pistes: Espace San Bernardo. Indeed, by joining the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard sector, you can either return to La Rosière, or switch to the Aosta Valley and descend to the La Thuile resort. La Rosière offers a traditional atmosphere and offers cross-border skiing for all levels with one of the most significant snow cover in the French Alps. Offering prices ranging from € 4,500 for property to renovate and up to € 8,000 for new housing, the small resort has everything from a big one! With the establishment of groups such as Club Méditerranée, it is certain that the station is an attractive choice for new investors.

Good deals in the Maurienne Valley

Smaller resorts between 1,000 and 1,500 meters of altitude are much more accessible and there are properties from 4,000 or 4,500 euros / m2 in the old ones and up to 6,500 € / m2 for new housing. You should head towards those which are connected to the large ski areas such as Valloire linked to Valmeinier by the Galibier Thabor area (approx 150km of slopes) and which benefits from an important summer tourist attraction thanks to the legendary Col du Galibier connecting the Northern Alps and the Southern Alps in Summer.
Also the resorts of Sybelles, the 4th connected ski area in France. With its 393 ha of slopes, its panoramas from the 360 ​​° peaks on the Alps, its 6 stations (La Toussuire, Le Corbier, Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, Saint-Jean-d’Arves, Les Bottières, Saint- Colomban-des-Villards) and its many activities for everyone is also an area of ​​choice for investments.

These stations adapt to the concept of the “4 seasons mountain” by developing “nature” activities throughout the year.


More and more families are choosing to invest between siblings, parents and children, cousins ​​by different ways such as SCI and Family companies. These mid-mountain resorts make it possible to make long-term investments with interesting profitability ratios.
For 107,000 euros, you can afford a 23 m2 studio at the foot of the slopes with parking and ski locker, for 250,000 euros a T3 of 50 m2, and for around 600,000 euros, chalet with a view.


Investing in the mountains is above all a pleasure investment. The pleasure of buying a property in privileged environmental sectors with a stable market price which evolves positively. It is also a way to come and enjoy mountain fun a few times a year while enjoying an attractive return on investment thanks to seasonal rentals. Thanks to the LMNP tax lever, buyers can amortize their property, maintenance costs and even part of their loan if necessary, or even VAT.


After the announcement of a sudden closure of bars and restaurants, as well as places deemed “not essential to the nation” in mid-March, the alpine winter sports resorts drew up a first assessment of the accumulated losses there a few days ago due to their early closure. Most of the resorts originally planned to close in mid-April or even early May.

However, the gaze of the players in the sector is already turned towards the future. The summer season, which usually starts in mid-June and continues until mid-September, is already coming to an end. If certain players such as ski lifts realize 98% of their turnover in winter, other sectors, such as hotels and restaurants or the leisure industry, could paradoxically see their summer activity partly boosted by the current economical and sanitary situation.

for several years, the resorts have been initiating a transition to all-season tourism, with the development of new outdoor activities (mountain bike circuits, trail running, etc.) as well as a renovation or even a gradual rise in the range of traditional and collective accommodation, this strategy could well serve this year to attract new audiences in the mountains.

The French people will probably be more reluctant to go abroad, but will certainly want to air themselves after several weeks of confinement, with last minute reservations in particular. This is a trend that we have already seen in recent years, and which could be reinforced.

The resorts focus in particular on local customers, coming from large cities located within a radius of a few hundred kilometers from the mountains, who could choose to go as close to home as possible, while enjoying the outdoor activities offered in the mountains.

It is certain that the COVID-19 crisis is likely to impact more than one sector in France and the mountains will not be spared, but this mountain has everything in hand to offer holidaymakers and investors the pleasures they are looking for. The mountain should then maintain its activities and start off again once the health crisis has passed.

A slight drop in real estate should be able to offer investors great opportunities with interesting profitability ratios thanks to French vacationers who will undoubtedly take advantage of their national nature heritage to come and get some fresh air!

meilleurs agents agence mer montagne

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