The French Alps

Your most beautiful memories
await you here…

Composed by more than 110 resorts, the Savoie Mont Blanc mountain area is internationally renowned for its quality both in terms of winter sports and summer escapes. L’Agence Mer & Montagne has selected for you its favourite resorts and will guide you into these magical places where your most beautiful memories are waiting for you.

Few tips before heading for the mountains

In order to go to the mountains in the best conditions for your vacation, it is necessary to follow a few steps in order to fully appreciate your stay in the resort. Prepare well physically, choose the right equipment, book your ski lessons in advance … good organization allows you to avoid hassles and enjoy your stay from the first moment.

Holiday Rental

The page “Resorts” will help you find the perfect resort for your next holidays and you will find in the page “Holiday Rentals” our chalets & appartements.

Thanks to our online booking you can book your accommodation in a few clicks and you can always contact us by phone for more details. We only offer accommodation in places that we know, so we are the perfect interlocutor to make sure that your mountain vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

Equipment rental

You can book your ski equipment at the same time as your accommodation with our partner SPORT 2000 via our section “Ski rental”
Different ski / surf packages are available depending on your level. You can rent all or part of the pack (skis, boots, poles) without forgetting the helmet for you and your children.

Ski lessons and snow garden

To book with the school of your choice, ESF or ESI .
By purchasing the group or individual course card in advance, you will avoid waiting at the counters when you arrive.
On site, the ski school will tell you the level of your group, the meeting place and the name of the instructor.
Thanks to our partnerships in certain resorts you will benefit from exclusive rates with the ski schools.
Contact Us for more info.


Some resorts offer discounted rates by purchasing your packages online or in advance.
Depending on the ski area, there are “passes” that can be recharged directly on the Internet.
Contact us for more info.

Places for kids

A large number of resorts have structures suitable to host small children.
Booking in advance means having the guarantee of having a place for your child.
Daycare for toddlers, daycare for 3-6 years and beyond, leisure center and sometimes even some ESF offer a mixed daycare service with ski discovery.

Train and resorts shuttles

You have chosen to travel by train, reserve your place in advance in the shuttle to reach the resort, inquire with the tourism office in order to anticipate your access to the resort of your choice.

Like all sports, winter sports in the mountains require physical preparation, so that you can fully enjoy your winter sports vacation.

A little prep’

If you do not practice regular activity throughout the year, here are some very simple exercises to practice daily at least one month before your stay:

  • Prefer taking stairs to escalators or elevators.
  • Reach your workplace by walking or cycling rather than driving.
  • Practice physical activity 2 to 3 times a week (jogging, rollerblading, mountain biking …).

Eat healthy

Food plays a fundamental role in your preparation. On site, you will have to resist the cold and have enough energy for your day of skiing.

Before leaving:
Make a cure of products rich in vitamins (E and C). Prefer fresh products like fish, good for bones and increase your rations of fruits and vegetables.
On site:
With the cold and your activity, the body consumes more calories than usual.
Eat a good full breakfast based on slow sugars, and take cereal bars or dried fruit with you for a little pump-up. Also remember to hydrate yourself regularly.

Medical contraindications

Especially above 2500 m:

  • Pregnancy in the first and third trimester,
  • Heart disease and respiratory problems,
  • Child under 18 months: up to 2500 m, remember to climb in stages to avoid the risk of ear infections.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek medical advice

Being well equipped against the cold, the sun and having suitable equipment contribute to the smooth running of your stay in the Alps.

The right material

Ski equipment

Prior to your departure, remember to check that your ski equipment is in good condition. Have it checked by a professional.

Off-piste ski equipment

For off-piste skiing, remember to bring an ARVA avalanche detection system as well as a shovel and a probe.

The helmet

Are your children old enough to ski or toboggan? Think of the helmet. It provides effective protection in the event of a fall or collision. The helmet is also recommended for all beginners and must bear the CE conformity mark.

Protect yourself from the cold and the sun

Make sure to have sun creams and creams called “Cold Cream” to fight against UV very strong at high altitude even in bad weather.
Also get all the necessary clothing for the cold, coats, pants, socks, shoes, gloves … everything must be in good conditions to keep you warm during your stay. If you do not have everything at home, you will find in each resorts shops where you can find the best of mountain equipment.

Equip your vehicle

Check the condition of your chains and practice mounting them before leaving, this is very important so you don’t get stuck will getting to the resort! Before hitting the road, check road conditions.

Winter sports vacations are not something you can improvise, especially if you go with children. To make your stay a success, the easiest way is to organize yourself beforehand.
Suitcases well prepared, services booked in advance will allow you to avoid small hassles and unpleasant surprises.

In the children’s suitcase

  • Clothes: layer the layers!
    At the top, synthetic t-shirt, polar sweatshirt and anorak, waterproof, light and resistant at the same time. Bottom, tights, waterproof pants for skiing with elastic straps.
  • Do not forget mittens or gloves, hat, scarf.
    For a toddler, the full wetsuit with lined slippers provides very good protection against the cold.
  • Footwear: warm and light waterproof après-ski.
  • Sunglasses: preferably with flexible CE-regulated temples, with UV filter and lanyard. When skiing, prefer the mask.
  • Sunscreen: high protection highly recommended, full screen type.
  • Health book: necessary for daycare.

For everyone

Small list that can be adapted according to the age and the activities you want to practice.

Equipment for skiing

Boots or après-ski
Ski socks
Ski trousers
Waterproof ski jacket
Polar sweaters and hoodies
Wool hat, scarf
Sunglasses with cord
A ski mask
Sunscreen UVA / UVB sunscreen and after sun
Health book, vital card

Other holiday equipment

Camera and charger
Small backpack
Identity photos for ski pass and ESF / ESI courses
Family book for ski passes
Games, books …

Take the time to check

  • That the whole family is well insured . If necessary, you can get Carré Neige insurance at the ski lift counters (cover for search, rescue and first costs transport, medical care and repatriation, reimbursement of unused ski passes in bad weather).
  • That the ESF / ESI courses and the kids daycare are well booked.

Locate in advance on the station map

Your accommodation, kids daycare, ski school, ski lifts, shops and services.