End of season in the mountains

End of season in the mountains

Enjoy Ski and Sun for little price

Between the end of winter and the beginning of spring it is still a little too early to go to the seaside, and you may not suspect it, but it is a very pleasant period at altitude: skiing for alpine purists and activities in the resort for others. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is guaranteed to enjoy a generous sun, slopes just for you and especially very attractive prices.

If snow cover at the beginning of the season (late November / early December) is sometimes random, it is generally still significant in early spring and often the snow levels observed at altitude in March / April are much higher than those measured at the beginning of winter season. So you can still have fun on the slopes for a few more weeks!

You should know that more than 80 ski resorts in the Alps are still open, at least until mid-April, because indeed the ski season is far from over in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isere. The conditions are still excellent especially above 1600 meters altitude.

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You will enjoy the same pleasures as in high season but without any constraints: More expectations at the checkouts to take your packages, at high-altitude restaurants or lifts! The tradesmen and the local population will be very caring with you.

At this time, the expenses incurred for your stay will be much less important than all the rest of the season; and then in the spring there is no risk of a big snowstorm: make the most of your holiday week! The temperatures are mild, sunny spells are more frequent and very often it is even great sun assured!

If you are a beginner, know that this time of the year will delight young and old for their learning: snow more flexible, clear vision and less crowded slopes.

As for those who do not ski or little, the activities do not miss, the resorts will offer ice rinks, cinema, spa, bowling, and you can also enjoy the hiking trails that unfold at the end of the winter. Ask directly the tourist offices of the resort that interests you, or check their websites, you will find, in addition to the various activities offered, their animation programs often busy in this period.