Savoyard Gastronomy

Savoyard Gastronomy in the Alps

The Savoyard specials are not limited only to raclette, fondue and tartiflette; certainly always well appreciated after a good day of skiing or hiking in the beautiful mountains. Here is a small preview of our favorite dishes :

As an appetizer :

At the après-ski time : delicatessen meats and various cheeses to be served with a good Savoy wine, conviviality guaranteed !. Some craft beers are also produced in the region by dozens of small authentic breweries. You can add to these some Rioutes, they are salty cakes with anise.

For main course :

Stir fried Fish : near the Savoy Lakes, you can enjoy many kinds of different fishes : trout, monkfish, pike, feras, perch.

The farçon : it is an authentic savory dish that dates from the Middle Ages. It contains a salty base (usually: cabbage / eggs / potatoes / milk / onions / cheese) combined with dried fruits such as prunes, raisins and figs, all surrounded by thin slices of smoked bacon. The secret of this recipe: a long cooking time for a melty and slightly caramelized rendering. It can be accompanied by salad only.

The diots : these pork sausages cooked with white wine and onions are ment to eat with a good creamy polenta au gratin with Beaufort or crozets gratin : small square buckwheat pastas to cook with its sauce. The best way is obviously croziflette (crozets pastas, onions, cream, bacon and reblochon).

Matafan (or matefaim) is a potato pancake that can be eaten sweet or salty. It is a recipe coming from Savoy and Dauphiné (neighboor department) that is a bit similar to the Swiss Rösti.   

The berthoud: first rasp or cut the Abondance cheese, then place it in ramekins, previously rubbed with garlic. Cover with white wine of Savoy, pepper and lightly sprinkle with nutmeg before baking in the oven. To be served with potatoes.

For dessert :

The traditional wild blueberry pie    

The Génépi cup: two scoops of Génépi ice cream that are generously served with Génépi alcohol on top

The delicious nut pie

The light cake of Savoy, embellished with milk jam for gluttony!

And to finish in style :

If you did not abuse mulled wine on the slopes, you must finish a good mountain meal with a local digestive drink : pine liqueur, Génépi, Chartreuse, Mont-Corbier, or Suédois, they are all herbal alcohols of our mountains obviously! All that the good restaurant addresses in our stations we know them well and will not fail to give them to you, so remember to question us during your stay.

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