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Covid-19 Lockdown exit, mountains are calling

Deconfinement… a desire for fresh air in the mountains

The altitude resorts are in the spotlight for the next trips of French people

The coronavirus facing tourism

In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, there are many uncertainties about the organisation of future vacations. Border closures, reduction of transports, compliance with health regulations, for sure the French will favour tourism and national travel, but in which sector, coastal or alpine?

The certainty of not being able to travel abroad in the coming months seems to be confirmed. “This is not the time to buy a ticket to go to the other side of the planet,” confirmed the Minister of Transport, words confirmed by the Minister of Health who claims that major international mobility has not place for leisure in an epidemic, or post-epidemic, or post-pandemic period.

Consequently, tourism this summer will remain FRENCH. The French people will be recommended to take advantage of their beautiful country for the next holidays, which will help the tourism sector. Furthermore, France has so much to offer in terms of culture, landscapes and gastronomy, tourists should be glad to rediscover their country.

France is not the only one to bet on its own people to restart the national economy and especially tourism in summer. Italy and Spain currently plan to keep their borders closed in order to minimize the risks.

Going to the mountains, best way to get energized !

To forget the bad times of the Covid-19, the confinement between four walls in the city and the lack of space, the mountain could be this year the favorite destination of holidaymakers in lack of activities and in need of fresh air.

The French Alps with its 300 altitude or mid-mountain resorts could offer everything the French people need to get out of this heavy confinement. Large spaces, nature and fresh air seem to be the remedy for the anxiety of these last months.

Beautiful hikes or bike rides on the alpine trails would make it easy to not meet anyone and avoid any contamination. In addition, a stay in the Mountains costs much less on average than a stay in the major seaside resorts during the summer period, a compromise that should be in every holidaymakers’ mind.

Indeed on the seaside it seems to be a little more complicated with beaches generally taken over by vacationers, so it seems difficult to keep social distance during the next holidays on the coast. A parameter that many tourists may have in mind when planning their stay. The authorities, for their part, will surely have to impose drastic measures so that health rules are respected in places that are sometimes crowded.

So will summer 2020 be a mountain summer ? This seems more and more likely even if all the actors of mountain tourism remain for the moment in expectation of government decisions to start boosting their marketing and preparation as soon as the lockdown ends.

summer in the mountains


Hiking, swimming in the lakes, climbing, paragliding, but also visiting the surrounding villages, discovering the local culture or gastronomy: All resorts, large and small, high or medium altitude, compete for the best offer against the seaside resorts .

Here are some assets that we put in the foreground concerning our beautiful mountains:

  1. Large spaces
  2. Air freshness
  3. Omnipresent nature
  4. The discovery of a very rich nature
  5. The wealth of culture
  6. A destination with easy access
  7. Low-cost accommodation
  8. The number of possible activities
  9. Calm and tranquility
  10. Local gastronomy

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trip in the mountains

Which resort to choose ?

Please visit our “resorts” section to learn a little more about our alpine favourite resorts, there is obviously something for everyone, for exemple Valloire with its legendary Col du Galibier and its 130km of trails or La Plagne with its “Mountain of activities” or the 2 Alps with its summer skiing,  you will probably find the place you need.

We offer in the “Holiday Rentals” section a selection of quality chalets and apartments to spend an unforgettable moment in the the most breathtaking destinations. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we know all of the accommodation we offer.

For people who have never tried a mountain trip, it therefore seems that the time has come for you to try it out, you will see the mountain has a multitude of surprises to offer you!