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Home Staging : A real value for your property

Give a new start to your property

Home Staging a real asset to improve your rent or sale

Our real estate agency in Valloire offers a complete Home Staging service to enhance your accommodation. A very positive solution that suits all budgets in order to attract new customers whether for rental or considering a sale.

Renovate, redecorate, home staging allows a real “fresh blow” by different means and highlight the qualities of your property to give it a cachet with current trends.

Alicia, our Home Staging expert, can provide you with the advice you need for your project and support you in the process. With more than 10 years of experience in renovation and home staging in town and in the surrounding area, she will be able to guide you on your aesthetic choices and the planning of your work with her quality artisan contacts.

Home Staging has been developed in France since 2008 and is proving to be a real selling advantage and aims to attract the attention of the potential buyers. You should know that a potential buyer (rental or sale) makes his decision during a site visit in the first 90 seconds and brings interest to an agency display or internet ad in 20 seconds.
Home Staging will allow the client to feel at ease in a healthy, warm, reassuring and above all positive atmosphere, which is why it is important to understand that the client must feel not at your home but potentially at his.

In addition to helping the clients to project themselves, it will simply boost your property on the market. Thanks to home staging, photos of your property will have more impact on future buyers. It is therefore important to work on the aesthetics of the property but also on the quality of the photos, which are just as significant.

Implementing Home Staging can be time consuming and can represent a budget if the project is not well studied, which is why having the support of professional team is important.

First, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you as he is constantly in contact with potential customers, therefore he will be able to guide you on the relevant choices for the clean up and refurbishment of your property.

For example, if during the visit customers enter a busy, personalised and untidy space, they will not be able to imagine themselves in there. It is often difficult for owners to step back and realise that their tastes may not be everyone’s. Once again your real estate agent or home stager can assist you in this situation by being a neutral element to your property. Indeed, being often in contact with buyers or renters and also of the various properties, he will therefore have the knowledge of what people are and are not looking for with an objective vision, his advice is therefore always good to take.

Remember: It is important that when a customer enters your home, they feel at theirs in a second.

In short, a tidy interior space will visually enlarge the volumes and clear the perspectives in addition to giving a healthy and comfy atmosphere.

White Wooden Cupboards

Clear Glass Top Table Near Flat Screen Television

Simple decoration and make it neutral

This will make it easier for future buyers to project themselves. Putting away some of your decorative items will depersonalise your interior while letting the potential buyers project themselves with their own tastes. It is the same with the decoration, keep it simple but in the theme of your environment, for example if you are in the mountains, no need to put frames of New York or photos of Paris on the walls, the potential renters or buyers will feel better if they see frames of fauna and flora or pictures of mountains in wooden frames, it is obviously more “local”.

Each property has potential but it is not necessarily optimised as it should be, your real estate agent will help you in these steps.

Home Staging Cuisine

Home Staging Valloire

Arranging your property : make it ready for sale or rental.

A home stager will be able to draw the profile of buyers or renters who might be interested in your property, he will also be able to estimate the added value that you could achieve based on the refurbishment that you would put in place. A real asset to properly target your renovation return on investment.

He will guide you on your choices, for example, whether to prefer a shower over the bath, transform a storage space into a sleeping area, prefer to transform an office on the ground floor into a room for seniors, visually enlarge the lounge area for a large family. Also what materials to use for rent in order to protect your accommodation from wear and tear over the long term, it will undeniably be the right contact to transform your property also by taking into account current trends.

Visuel D Home Staging

Visuel D Home Staging

The right advice for choosing your craftsmen

When you are not a building or renovation expert, it is sometimes complicated to find or surround yourself with the right people to carry out the renovation of your property. Between unscrupulous artisans and those who are not following up … it can quickly become tricky and a nightmare.
The real estate agent or home stager you trust can help you move forward in your project with serenity thanks to his address book and the professionals with whom he is used to working. In addition, he will be able to follow up with the work done and ensure for you that everything is going smoothly and under the best conditions.

You can contact Alicia at the Agence Mer et Montagne Valloire who will take the time to advise you and support you in your projects to improve the rental yield of your property or simply put it on sale under the best conditions .

Contact our Real Estate Agency in Valloire we are here in order for you to successfully carry out your altitude projects.

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